It is beginning to feel a bit like Christmas

I am no longer able to hide from the fact that Christmas is on its way. 1 week into advent and it feels like that the pace is hotting up day by day. We have yet to put any decorations up in the house but work is definitely very Christmassy. The Christmas plays are well on their way and costumes have been found and are named, ready and waiting.

Tonight was our local Christingle service:

I love this service. To me this signals the beginning of Christmas. When the children were younger it was a bit stressful with the lighted candles being a bit of a challenge but now that they are older it is lovely with them all lit.

As if I didn’t have enough to do this weekend my youngest mini me came home with his homework: to make cakes. Really? Do they not realise how busy our lives are in these precious few weeks before Christmas? Apparently not. To top it all off the cakes are to be judged and then sold to raise money for charity so no cutting corners allowed.

As I figured that the Head is unlikely to taste 60 cakes I figured that the decoration will be quite important. This meant that not only did we have to make the cakes, we also had to spend almost as long decorating them! So how to decorate them? The charity is guide dogs for the blind which is one idea. The other is Christmas. A short search on pinterest and we had chosen the style:


Soooo. We made a chocolate cup cake (Mary Berry’s if you are wondering) and then set about decorating using giant chocolate buttons, chocolate fingers (as a replacement for pretzels) smarties (only the red ones) chocolate drops and white icing. I warn you, I believe in children doing things themselves so these are not perfect but I am still very proud as he is only 5!

IMG_1149All slightly cross-eyed but still cute I think.

The main thing is that he enjoyed doing it. Whether they get to school tomorrow in one piece is down to my husband! (Thank goodness!)


2 thoughts on “It is beginning to feel a bit like Christmas

  1. JenR

    I have never heard of this service here in the US so looked up some info and I love it!! What a beautiful tradition! I, like you, believe in letting the kids do the work and love how your cakes turned out 🙂 Enjoy the season!


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