Designed and created?

Here is my latest creation:

I crocheted these earings out of fine wire, adding 4 beads on the bottom of each one. I did again use part of a pattern (the first three rounds to be precise) but then added on the loops with the beads. I am pretty sure that this must count as being creative. If not then how original does it have to be? How many different ways are there to make a circle or wheel using crochet?

The other reason that I am particularly proud of these is that they could count as being ‘designed’. By this I mean that I saw that there appears to be a trend amongst celebrities to wear largish circle earings such as:

 and I was inspired. So I ‘designed’ and made the ones you see above. I would never ever have thought that I would do such a thing. I suppose that it just shows that I hadn’t found the thing that I felt very comfortable with. Lets be honest, earings are not exactly the most tricky thing to do, especially if you limit yourself to crochet and knitting. (I am not saying that there are not other extremely talented earing makers, just that what I do is not very tricky at all.) I could never design a jumper or something. I am, however really quite proud of myself.


I love to hear your thoughts and views.

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