From simple beginnings……

Remember these?

I made these using an edging pattern named as Sunflower edging. To start with I made one out of wool to see how the pattern went:

From this I decided that the first 4 rounds of the pattern would be enough. I then went on and made the earings, adding in 4 loops at the end for the beads. As I was making the earings I devised an idea for a necklace. This weekend the necklace came into being as the Peacock necklace:

It is simply made up from 3 larger wheels or sunflowers and 5 smaller ones. I added a bead into the middle for more interest and simply sewed them together. I am really proud of this. It is a real statement piece. Although my nearest and dearest says I should call it the ‘Terrier’ necklace as that is what it looks like!

So….from a simple beginning evolved several ideas. As such I am going to share with you the basic pattern so you can have a go and see what you can come up  with – I would love to see them.

For the earings I used :                                                                                                                                                           

2mm green wire                                                                                                                                                                                    

4 small beads for each earing

2mm crochet hook.

Abbreviations: ch = chain

dc = double crochet

Note: When using beads you need to thread the beads onto the thread before you begin.

After threading the beads onto the thread wind the thread around your finger about 7 times. Slip off your finger.

Round 1: Work 40dc into the ring. ss to the first chain.

Round 2: 1ch, 1dc into each dc to the end, ss to first ch.

Round 3: as round 2.

Round 4: *5ch, miss 1dc, 1dc into next dc, rep from *to end, working last dc into ss at end of round 3.

Loops at the bottom: *2ch, slip a bead into place and 1 ch, 3 ch  miss 1 ch on wheel ss into next,  repeat from* until 4 loops are made.  Cast off.

You can alter the size using different sized hooks or different thickness of wire/yarn. The necklace I made used wire 3.2 mm thick.

I hope that you have a go and experiment a bit. Good luck.

P.s I hope to have some basic info up soon for anyone who is new to crochet.


2 thoughts on “From simple beginnings……

  1. Ria

    It does kind of look like a terrier! That’s really cute!

    I love seeing people knit and crochet with wire. It adds such an interesting dynamic to the piece.


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