A Yarn Cake – how?

 I had this bright idea of having a party for a friend who was having her first pattern published in a magazine. I say bright idea because I am not one to turn down an excuse for a party. However,  talking about the cake my running friend suggested that a cake in the shape of a ball of yarn would be a good idea (I am sure that it was her idea!) Anyway I agreed. Until I came to do it that is! Searching online I found a brilliant example  here– except that I couldn’t do it because I didn’t have half the equipment I needed.

The day before the party another friend solved all my problems and questions just off the top off her head (what a star!) and so I set to.

I first went to my Mums to borrow these:

Into these I put my cake mixture (lining them first with baking paper to ensure that the finished cakes didn’t stick). For the cake mixture I used the method my Gran taught me: Weigh the eggs and then use this weight of flour, butter and sugar. I used 4 eggs for this. I put them into a medium oven until they smelled done (about 1 hour) and ended up with this:

To join them together I used jam and some buttercream icing that I had made. The outside was then smothered in more buttercream icing so that the sweet bootlaces that I bought (25 in total!) would stick. This would be the yarn. The finishing touch was a crochet hook that I covered in foil (for hygiene) and stuck in the cake. I then had the finished article:

I am really pleased to say that the party guests seemed to know what it was meant to be! Also, I am pleased to report that my friend seemed quite chuffed too.

Now, if you ever have a really sensible(?) idea to make a yarn cake you have a basis to work from. 🙂


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