A gift for my mum

In the uk today is Mothers Day. It sort of crept up on me so when I realised this week that I was running out of time I got to thinking about what I could make. I came up with the theme of flowers (always loads around in the run up to Mothers Day and it also the time of year when flowers are beginning to emerge.) So here is my first attempt:

It is basically a crocheted wheel with 4 chain loops around the edge. As I was making it I thought that I could add more petals by adding another set of loops around the edge:

I arranged it so that one round of loops would be behind the other set, thus creating a sort of 3D effect. It did work but I wasn’t 100% satisfied with it – it looked sort of messy. I then thought that on a larger scale as a brooch it would probably be quite effective:

I was really pleased with the final item. It looks a bit flat on the photo but sparkly when on. Most importantly my Mum liked it (well she would wouldn’t she!)


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