I have been thinking, does the word discontinued always mean disappointment? I am beginning to think that it does in 9 out of 10 times. I can’t actually think of any examples where a discontinuation has brought pleasure but I am thinking that there must be relief from some things being stopped?

Enough of my ramblings! The reason for them is that I heard this terrible word on Friday. I shall start at the beginning. Just before Christmas one of our sofa arms wore out and got ripped a  bit (those pesky children!). I then had this great idea of making a throw. I thought I would do this by knitting squares using different stitch patterns that are published in my knitting magazine each issue. Being enthusiastic to start I went into our wonderful local shop ‘Tina’s’ the next day and bought some yarn. It ended up like this:

We have 2 sofas so I thought that I would do another one but this time crochet. I set off and got a great pile of ‘squares’ done quite quickly. I then lost focus and started doing other things (as you do). With the arrival of new sofas I thought that I had better get it finished. Last week I set myself the challenge of doing one square a night. I kept this up and went down to Tina’s to buy some more of the red yarn (as I had done many times before) only to find that she only had one ball left. No worries, she is very helpful and said that the rep had been in that morning and she would text him to add on to her order.

When I was home I had a phone call from her. She was very sorry but they had discontinued it. NOOOOOOOO! I was only half way through.

Well there is nothing better to concentrate the mind than the prospect of not being able to finish something that had already taken a fair amount of time and money. Last night I got busy and got this far (I took this very quickly so you get the idea):

I was quite pleased. I had one edged square left and, as we were going on a car journey I decided to make 2 more squares then.

On the way I made this:

I also started this (I did not take enough yarn with me!):

So tonight I am going to finish this square, edge them and add them on. I have enough yarn for that. I shall then wait for the yarn that I ordered from the web in a panic last night. I can then do the edging and maybe a few cushions as well.

The conclusions I have drawn from this are:

1. Don’t be complacent and assume that you will always be able to pop into the shop to buy more of the yarn you need.

2. Keep focused and stay on task – complete one project before starting another (yeah like that will happen!)

3. Discontinued is a horrible word. It creates unnecessary stress and should be banned (from yarn suppliers at least!).

4. The web is a life saver (or so I hope!)

8 thoughts on “DISCONTINUED?!!

  1. juanitatortilla

    Totally agreeing that discontinued brings forth disappointment, especially when it comes to yarn! That should really teach us to start hoarding yarn, shouldn’t it? 😀


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