A quiz for you.

I have two pictures to show you and I wonder if you can guess what they are.

The first one is of a cake that I made for my son for his birthday:

No it is not a random monster or space alien I promise. Shall I give you a clue? Ok it is from an interactive game called Skylanders. Have you got it now? (I wouldn’t have so well done if you have). It is Wrecking Ball and this is what he should look like:

 Well you can sort of see the resemblance. It is the same colour!

You are probably none the wiser and wondering what I am going on about. Sorry.

The next one is a creation I made by crocheting:

No not a hat! Here is another view:

Any the wiser? No thought not. Have a look at this:

Yep, you’ve guessed it. It is a foot hat!  (Oh of course I hear you cry!) My Mum broke her leg in the snow and socks kept falling off so I solved the problem. I simply worked in trebles in the round. Finally I crocheted a tie and threaded it thought the trebles.

This keeps it nice and secure. She had lots of admirers and our local nurse has asked me for some more! I like to be helpful. 🙂

Thank you for taking part in my little quiz. Have a good week.



I love to hear your thoughts and views.

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