One for the runners!

I saw this on runningthriver and had to share it here – enjoy! (Don’t tell my husband as he may take it personally as he does not do running!)

Despite being the school holidays, I have done quite well this week. I have been to the gym twice and done 3 short runs. Yesterday I managed 9 miles and do not ache today which I am particularly pleased about as it has been over a week since I have done anything like that distance.

I do find it harder during the holidays as it is full on all day (with three youngish boys) and then I need to find the energy to get active in the evening. Needless to say it sometimes catches up with me and I end up in bed by 9pm!
Over the past week I have been toying with the idea I got from fairweatherrunner: viceathon. This is something where you offset any guilty pleasure with running miles i.e. if you drink a glass of wine you have to run 1 mile. It obviously doesn’t have to be wine but anything similar. Unfortunately I am not able to really think of something that would make a real difference. No I am not a saint – far from it but I am already quite motivated to run so anything that I choose would have to be something I do a lot (my motivation is a bit of me-time away from my lovely, lively boys!) Also it would  mean that I would have to commit to something, and although I am getting better at it, it still makes me very anxious. In addition I would have to publicly admit a failing of mine. Amongst my friends and family there are some failings that I am very quick to own up to, but for many of my weaknesses I find them very hard to admit to  – even to myself.
In conclusion I think that it is a brilliant idea but not really for me. I only hope that I don’t come across as being completely full of myself.
(Please forgive the italics – I cannot seem to change it back whatever I do. Sorry 😦 )

3 thoughts on “One for the runners!

  1. shazruns

    I love the Nike advert-my hubby has an aversion to any exercise so this coud be us (of course I would love to be blonde and slim but we can fantasise right?) it made me laugh thanks!


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