Mary, Mary…..

I have titled this post Mary, Mary after this nursery rhyme because I have been doing lots of flowers.

 Despite it being the holidays last week when I felt that I had no time to get anything done, this weekend has been the Masters golf tournament. This involves my husband watching copious amounts of golf on the telly. I have no interest at all which has freed me up to crochet all evening. Bliss!

I had been wanting to do flowers for some time now, ever since I saw these rosebud rings. Anyway, I finally have got around to it! To start with I followed some patterns that I found. I initially used crochet cotton in order to get an idea of how they turn out, what the size is etc.             


I then had a go at some of them using wire:                        



I am a bit restricted by the colour of the wires that I have at each particular thickness. As I was really looking at making rings I wanted to use the thinnest wire that I had.  I know that I am biased but I don’t think that the photos that I have taken really do the wire flowers justice.

The next step for me was to have a go at making the band to fit onto the finger. I do have some ready-made ring findings but really wanted to have a go at making my own.

As you can see (if indeed you can with this very poor photo) I had a go in cotton first before I transposed it into wire:

I would wear this as it is but I also like it with the simple purple flower on the front:

As well as this thick band, I also made a thinner band as seen here:

Both work equally as well but obviously have different effects.

At the end of this weekend I have 3 flower rings, one silver band ring and just for good measure a beaded ring too:

As you can see I have had a very productive few evenings! I am now working on developing my own flower design as well as incorporating beads into them.

Thanks for sticking with me through this and I will hopefully be back soon with more!


6 thoughts on “Mary, Mary…..

  1. Carole

    Lovely flowers!
    Thanks for your comment – I didn’t block the back of the cushion as I used an acrylic yarn. I did eventually get it almost straight and good enough for the back of a cushion!
    I’ll be using better yarn next time so that I can block it!


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