I don’t believe it!

 This week I have been in a reflective mood and it has struck me how much people change over a period of time (or maybe that is just me!). I have composed a list of things that 5 years ago I would never believe I would do:

1. I quite fancy a smart phone: 

New phone / old phone (Before) Up until about a year and a half ago I was using a phone not too dissimilar to the one on the left and was more than happy. (Now) I am using this phone which was quite high-tech for me! Until recently this was fine – I only needed a phone to ring and text people on!Nokia X2I now would like to be able to use the web when I am out and about!

2. I use the computer everyday and can spend ages on it! – (Before) Computers were only any good for e-mails, most of which I didn’t want anyway. Oh and internet shopping of course. (Now)  I love connecting with different people through the internet. 

3. I use social networking sites – (Before) What a waste of time, there is no replacement for real people. (Now) I am trying to get to grips with Facebook and twitter but it is very slow. I can, however, see the benefits and why people use them. I now believe that this is another useful and different aspect to socialising. I will keep persevering and if any of you can give me any tips then I would greatly appreciate them :). (Please do – I need as much help as possible!) 


4. I publicly write and show photographs about my achievements. (Before) I was so shy that I was apologetic for everything I did (good and bad). Therefore I would keep quiet about anything I did or achieved. (Now) Although I still don’t find it very easy I show what I made, write about how my training is going and even my intentions for the future. I am even very close to setting myself goals publicly.

 5. I wear colour. (Before) I would wear anything that would help me hide and didn’t cost that much. (Now) I like to wear colour and have a competition with my son who tries to catch me wearing black (It doesn’t happen very often!) 

6. (and probably the most important of them all) I am not afraid to be me. (before) I didn’t know who I was and was literally scared of having an opinion or standing out in any way. (Now) I am happy being me (mostly). I know that everyone is different and I have a valid opinion. It doesn’t matter whether other people agree with me or not. I am who I am. Also people are far nicer than I would believe – I always thought that people would be hurtful towards me and laugh at me behind my back. I now realise that this was a reflection on my low opinion of myself and not of others. A consequence of this is that I am able to open up to other people a bit more and therefore form closer relationships than I ever have before (or so I hope!)   

7. I have confidence in my abilities (well more than before anyway!) (Before) I didn’t believe that I was at all creative and could only follow patterns. (Now) I recognise that I am able to have a go at making things up for myself. I am also happier in my ability to run so that I am not afraid to tell people what I am doing.

Conclusion: Overall I am much happier than before despite having put more pressure on my time!

At the end of the last blog I said that I would have a go at making up my own pattern for a flower. I have done this but, as I have rambled on enough today, I will save that for another one.

Thanks for reading this – I would love to hear any ways in which you or your views have changed over time. Please share. 😀



2 thoughts on “I don’t believe it!

  1. uhohitsjenny

    I think that’s absolutely fantastic! I’m gla that you have a more positive outlook on yourself than previously! (:


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