My Debut!

For the first time this week I have linked into 1stunique gifts for her Handmade Monday event (hence my debut!).

I have been quite productive this week! First of all I promised that I would share with you a flower design that I improvised. Well here it is:

As a ring:                                                                                                                                                                     and as a brooch:







As you can see it is a simple 5 petal flower made  from groups of trebles. For added interest I have added a bead in the middle giving a contrast of textures and a new dimension. For the brooch I added leaves to the back and may well add a stem in the future.

My second project (partly inspired by stardust, gems and ribbon), is again of a flowery nature. It consists of 4 granny squares that I will join together to make a cushion cover:







I know that the colours are not that inspirational but it is to go with this throw that I am making:

So I used the same colours. As some of you will know the red has been discontinued (see discontinued post). I am waiting for 4 balls that I have found and will then be able to finish the edging on the throw and make this cushion too.

As an aside I was crocheting a square whilst at the park yesterday and three different people came up to me and asked what I was knitting. Does that happen to anyone else? Why do people just assume that you are knitting?

The final project I worked on was a key ring. My wonderful son broke mine last week and I have since been looking for some inspiration! It came when my copy of Simply Knitting dropped through the door. With it came a supplement with a royal theme:

I quite fancied making a crown but remembered that they had a style I preferred in a supplement they produced for the royal wedding last year. Never throwing anything away has its advantages and I went and found it!

(This is a photo from the magazine). I then had a go at improvising my own, smaller version: (I warn you now, it takes a bit of imagination!)







I crocheted it but it was very fiddly. If I was doing it again I would knit it in the round and then surface crochet (or embroider) the golden stripes up to the top. It will do quite well for what I want although not many will be able to guess what it is!

Thanks for reading and as always I appreciate any comments.

 Please do pop over to 1stuniquegifts and see what other people have been up to this week.

Thanks for reading. 🙂


14 thoughts on “My Debut!

  1. lululovescrochet

    Your cushion looks lovely, I really like the colours and it will definitely compliment your throw (which looks amazing). xx

  2. craftsbythesea

    Love them all, especially the wire flower. Been meaning to have a go at wire crochet, i’ve got the wire and beads so I should just get on with it shouldn’t I!!!!

    1. knitnrun4sanity Post author

      Absolutely! I like using wire because you can move it into shape – also the projects tend to be quite quick. I look forward to saeeing your first project! Thanks for your comments. 🙂

  3. Anji Smith

    I’m just getting into crochet and love your throw. I’m ‘hooked’ on Handmade Monday as well. You need to find loads of time to check out the blogs as they’re all so inspiring I lose track of time!

    1. knitnrun4sanity Post author

      Thank you for your comment about my throw. As you are getting into crochet you might like to have a try at something similar. I looked in books to find different patterns and gave them a go. It is a great way to explore different stitches. As for blogs – I spend far too much time (not enough left for crocheting!) 🙂

  4. mcrafts

    Welcome to handmade Monday! – You are a girl after my own heart – you make the same sort of things I like to make too. Sorry I’m so late getting round to you. Mich x


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