An English Rose

Last week was the first time that I joined in with Handmade Monday and  I am pleased to report that the experience was a very pleasant one. A huge thanks to everyone who was so kind to me. This week has not been incredibly productive but I am able to tick something off my wish list. 🙂

A few weeks ago a friend gave me a pattern for a crochet rose that she was having trouble with. I had several goes at it but it was fiddly, involving working into the front stitch and then the back stitch which, without marking was almost impossible and, in the end I gave up. Being convinced that there must be an easier to produce a crochet rose I set out to find one. Using the wonderful website of Ravelry I came across a pattern that looked possible and this week I gave the pattern a go. It is called the strip method crochet rose. I had a go, first with double knit yarn:

As you can see I first crocheted a ‘strip’ as above, before rolling it up to make the rose, below.

I have to say that it turned out really well despite the fact that I didn’t actually follow the pattern, making my own version up as I went along!

Me being me I wondered whether it would work in wire. So had a go:

The answer is a definite yes. In fact I would almost say that it works better in wire because when it is complete you can manipulate the petals, spreading them out and bending them to get the exact effect that you want. I just need to add a few beads and I think it will be stunning. I think that it would make a great brooch or perhaps a great hair decoration. What do you think? What colours do you think it would be good in?

If you fancy having a go at the correct pattern then you can find it here. (You need to scroll down the page.) Maybe yours would turn out to be even better than mine if you manage to follow the pattern better? Let me know!

Now as well as being Handmade Monday , (do pop over and see what everyone else has been up to this week) this Monday is the first day of the 3rd knitting and crochet blog week. As I am always up for a challenge I am giving it a go. All I have to do is blog on a specific subject each day for a week! (hmmm! everyday?) I don’t actually have to enter everyday but a challenge is a challenge! In addition there is a special tag which you can type into google to find all the blogs for that day. Clever hey? If you want to take part or find out the tags so you can have a nose follow this link here. Wish me luck and happy crafting. 😀


18 thoughts on “An English Rose

  1. t1ckledp1nk

    Well I’ve a couple of blog posts to do this week, but not sure I could manage one a day for a whole week!! Good luck with that!
    I love the wire rose – beautiful. I think it would look good in subtle colours like the one you have used, but then again lovely bright colours would be great too!

  2. Nicola Ellen

    It was my first Handmade Monday last week too! 🙂 The wire rose looks fab – I would wear it in my hair. The crochet rose looks really good too. I learned to crochet a long time ago but seeing my mum do some today, I don’t think I’d be that good at it now! Good luck with the challenge – blogging everyday would be my biggest struggle xx

  3. Wendy Massey (@1stUniqueGifts)

    Glady you enjoyed your first HM – welcome back! The roses look fab, I’m sure all colours would go down well. Red is always good for roses though, and fits in with Stephen’s idea about a jubilee theme. I like the idea of beads on the wire one. Good luck with the blogging challenge! x

  4. lululovescrochet

    Lovely rose, it looks brilliant done in wire too. Good luck with your blogging challenge this week x


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