Crystal Farm

 Day 2.          24th April       PHOTOGRAPHIC CHALLENGE DAY     3KCBWDAY2

Welcome to Crystal Farm. As you can see it is an upmarket farm with highly decorated features such as the bridge (a knitted beaded cuff). It even has crystals embedded in the fences around the fields (bracelets and necklaces) and the tractor has decorative wheels (earings). The farm is well positioned with a waterfall (crocheted necklace) leading to a river and then a lake (my toe hat!). This means that the land (my knitted poncho) is very fertile giving rise lots of beautiful flowers (rings). Just look out for the troll – he is not so decorative!


10 thoughts on “Crystal Farm

  1. Not So Granny

    All farms should be beaded! I have a bit of a crush on your waterfall/necklace. I’m not too good at wearing jewellery but would have to make an exception for that piece.


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