An Acceptance Speech!


3KCBWDAY3: Day 3: 25th April  

Knitting and crochet  hero’s                           

No don’t worry I have not won anything, (not likely to) and I haven’t gone mad (totally!) When I was thinking about today’s topic, two things popped into my head.

1. The most obvious person to nominate. BUT then I thought of the others! (is it cheating to have more than one?)

2. My knitting and crocheting heroes( yes both because I knit AND crochet!)  have to be the ones who without, I wouldn’t do what I do today. So here goes: My very own ‘Oscar Acceptance Speech!’ (because these consist of saying thank you to everyone involved.)

Here is the trophy!

” I would like to thank my Mum who had the patience and tenacity to teach me to knit in the first place. (sniff, sniff) I would also like to thank my ‘Nanny’. She was a role model to me, knitting me many a navy blue cardigan for school and no doubt countless hats, scarfs and jumpers that have been long forgotten…… oh and I mustn’t forget that without her I would not crochet as she was the one who introduced that to me. (sob, sob) More recently I must thank Nicky. She was the one who encouraged me to dig out my long-lost needles and start again….so, so, without her, my Mum and my Nanny I would not be where I am today. I can never thank any of you enough…..sob, sob…… I….I…. ohyesandImustn’tforgetJoanne……sorry… Joanne Scrace. She is a wonderful person who spurs me on to take the next, the next challenge. So thank you to you all………” (I go to move away from the mike but then come rushing back:) “Oh and I must not forget my family, my husband and children who allow me to do what I do. They put up with my yarn, needles and beads all over the place and the hours I spend sitting knitting and crocheting………. Yes that is everyone … oh apart that is from YOU Without you I obviously would not be here at all!” Runs off the stage.

See how I have very cleverly managed to fit in more than one (no-one will notice will they?). I hope you can now understand why I haven’t got just one hero – everyone mentioned just morphs into one huge hero that contribute different aspects into what I do today.

   So maybe this is what my hero looks like (as most of my heroes are women)?                                                                                                          

         Or maybe like one of these?    

Now just in case I get disqualified for having more than one hero, the one I would nominate (if my arm was being severely twisted) would be Joanne Scrace of the notsogranny fame. She is truly inspirational, a real go get it girl for several reasons:

1. She taught herself to crochet (need I say anymore?) Oh and to knit the continental way.

2. She set up her very successful blog less than a year ago.

3. She has self published and sold some patterns.

4. She has taught herself how to tech ed patterns. (check they make sense I believe!)

5. She has taught herself how to submit pattern ideas to magazines.

6. She has been published in a magazine and has many more coming up!

7. She has had a submission accepted for Clotheshorse magazine.

8. She is a great friend (challenging and encouraging me all the time).

9. She runs successful crochet classes from her home (and a shop in nearby Cambridge).

10. She does all this and more whilst bringing up her young family!

Sorry to be so gushing but all of the above is true and I hope that you agree that she is a pretty amazing person. If you would like to find out more about her she is on twitter, Facebook, ravelry and of course her blog as notsogranny. Do drop by and have a look at what she is doing. You may be as inspired as me!

4 thoughts on “An Acceptance Speech!

  1. Not So Granny

    you are pretty special yourself and I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without you as my cheerleader. Knitrun4sanity threw me a surprise party with all my friends and a ball of yarn cake when I was first published. She always is enthusiastic about my ideas and will help out with kids when I get stuck. A great friend! Look she’s made me all gushy too 🙂


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