Whatever the weather!

Day 4. 26th April A knitter or Crocheter for all seasons?   3KCBWDAY4

To me seasons are very much linked in with weather. Maybe because I live in the uk where weather is the main topic of conversation for much of the time. Despite knowing this to be true I was surprised to find these quotes through google:

“The English always love to talk about the weather in England.” from the essentially-england website

“British people often start a conversation with strangers and friends by talking about the weather. As weather is a neutral topic of conversation, it’s usually safe to use it to strike up a ” From the English at Home website.

I suppose that the weather is quite unpredictable. The weather forecasters very often make mistakes. Just the week before last they predicted rain every day but in reality there was the odd shower. Yes I do talk about the weather but it is fundamental to my everyday life! But what about weather and seasons?

I found this:

It would appear to be quite simplistic but would be the sterioptypical view and probably the way we think about the seasons (well in the uk and US).

Wikipedia gives this definition: “A season is a subdivision of the year, marked by changes in weather, ecology, and hours of daylight.” 

So there is a link between the weather and seasons. 

But what about this and crafting? Well, as the weather and the season determine what you wear it follows therefore that it will influence what you make and when. (Assuming you are making wearable items.) As in the clip above winter is cold (although not always snowy), Spring is …?getting warmer, summer is hot (we wish!) and autumn is…?getting colder! If you are into fashion, and live in the uk then you must be influenced by the seasons. I personnally cannot help but be influenced by the seasons for several reasons:

1. I subscribe to a monthly knitting magazine and sometimes see something that I wish to knit. As the magazine is ahead of itself it allows time to get the knit done for the correct season. An example of this would be this beach cover up I made a few years ago. I got this completed in time for our holiday in the summer. (It was in the magazine in the late Spring).

2. I am very much influenced by the weather. If you look back at my blog over the last few weeks you will see that as mothers day came (which generally falls at the same time the daffodils are popping up and therefore the beginning of spring in my mind) I was thinking about flowers. Indeed this trend has not really gone away (out of hopefulness I suspect!) In the summer last year I crocheted a dress and during December and January I completed the majority of my warm throws.

Therefore when it is warmish (summerish) I will be inspired to make someting lighter and when it is cold (winterish) I will want to make something warmer. I also would not want to be using heavy yarn in the summer as my hands would sweat and it would stick to the needles etc.

I conclude therefore that I tend to work around 2 seasons: winter and summer. These are the most marked and so easy to define. I really don’t know how designers get their inspiration for a whole season ahead. I know that Joanne Scrace is looking at autumn winter 2012 already. I am just getting my head around the jubilee celebrations that are happening here in June. This is far too late for publication but not too bad for self selling!

 One final word:

Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each. . ~ Henry David Thoreau

I like this quote. It speaks to me of living in the moment aka the slow movement? Not much good for the busy and hectic life I live where I am constantly playing catch up or trying to get a bit ahead. Something I should probably try to be mindful of more.

Let me know what you think.



2 thoughts on “Whatever the weather!

  1. emmasblethers

    I had to stop crocheting my granny blanket this week as I was getting too warm when I was crocheting. I usually crochet with the blanket partly-made over my lap – a little over-cosy for this time of year!


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