The mystery knitting project



Knitting Needles






Knitting Needles                                     Croch8 (The crochet hook king!)          And SHE!

Twins: knits 7                                                                         

Twins: knits 8

Twins knits 9

In a dark, dusty, forgotten corner in a large jumble lay the knitting needles. They are beginning to get a bit disgruntled:

knits 9: You know what? Ever since SHE bought that stupid book about wire jewellery we never get to see the light of day. It is all those skinny crochet hooks that get all the action.

Knits 8: Yeah, I do hope SHE forgets about it soon – SHE had only just started to knit again after all those years when we were shut away in the dark. SHE can’t put us back in there can she? I can’t cope, please noooooooo

Knits 9: Oh do stop! You know what SHE is like – it will just be a passing fancy.

Knits 7 rushes in.

Knits 9: Anything to report?

Knits 7: You just have to come and look at this:


Knits 8: Oh it is the end again, look SHE has gone and spent loads of money on her wire jewellery. SHE has never done that for us. Do we get our own little compartment? No, we are just all muddled in together, spilt apart from our twins, in a jumbled up mess in an old dolls sleeping bag. It is the end I tell you…..

Knits 9: STOP. I agree it doesn’t look very good but we must not lose hope. We are not in the attic yet.

A few weeks later the needles feel movement and are then suddenly exposed to the light.

Knits 9: Oooooh, be careful will you, I’ll get sea sick……..ooooooh mind the light awwwwww.

Knits 7: Oh choose me, choose me.

Knits 8: Is she…. yes over here…..thats it….OH NO!

Knits 9: Now, now, never mind. It will be your turn one day today it is knits 5.

Knits 7: But WHEN, I want a go now. SHE is sooo mean.

Knits 8: Yes but at least SHE is going to knit something for a change and she is using a proper sized needle, not one of those skinnies!

Knits 7: Yes, yes I suppose you are right.

Later that night when everyone had gone to bed:

Knits 7: Oi, Knits 5 – whats happening, what are you doing.

Knits 5 rushes over:

Knits 5: Well you are so not going to believe this. We are working with bright pink yarn.

Knits 8: Never, are you sure?

Knits 5: We can hardly miss it. We need sun glasses it is so bright! SHE had this choice of dark green, yellow, turquoise but chose bright pink. I don’t know what has got into HER.


Knits 9: Hmmmm sounds interesting. What are you knitting?

Knits 5: Don’t know.

Knits 9: What do you mean you don’t know? Isn’t there a pattern?

Knits 5: No, no pattern. We cast on 64 stitches and are working a 4 row pattern. Haven’t quite got it yet but will tell you when I have. probably tomorrow if SHE knits as much as she did today.

Knits 9: How very odd. I wonder what has got into the old girl. We shall have to wait and see I suppose.

The next evening knits 7, 8 and 9 go over to knits 5. They are asleep.

knits 8: oi wake up will you. WAKE UP.

Knits 5: c bhgsadliu;HEAFNC VJ Oh its you. Go away will you? We are tired.

Knits 8:  We can see that. Before you go back to sleep can you give us an update?

Knits 5 : Well I suppose so. SHE is on some sort of mission. At every opportunity SHE is working us.

Knits 9: (muttering) Its alright for some! (louder) So go on what are you knitting?

Knits 5. We honestly don’t know. We are just knitting a straight bit of work.

Knits 9: And the pattern?

knits 5: It is a pattern with 4 rows.

Row 1 is pearl 4. Then into the next stitch knit into the front, into the back and then back into the front again. We are basically making two new stitches. These are then repeated until the end of the row.

Then the next row is knit 4, pearl 3 until the end.

Row three is pearl 4, knit three together and repeat again until the end of the row. This time we are getting rid of the extra 2 stitches we made before.

The final row of the pattern is knit 4 and pearl 1 until the end.

It is quite easy but I have to say we are very tired having done it nearly all day!

Knits 8: Ok we will leave you now.croch8

Knits 5: Thanks we have already been bothered by  wanting to know what we are doing. He is not happy!

Knits 7: He is just jealous now that we are finally getting our turn! Ok you have a rest now. Maybe we will know more tomorrow.

The next day the needles are jolted awake.

Knits 8: What, what is going on?………..Oh its you why are you back?

Knits 5: We told you SHE was on a mission. We’re done. According to Croch8 one of his lot are working now.

Knits 7: So you must know what you have made?

Knits 5: Ummm no, not really – it is just a large bit of knitting.

knits 7: So what is the crochet guys doing?

Knits 5: We don’t know do we – we are in here!

They all go back to sleep, only to be rudely awoken a bit later as they are tipped out over the floor.

 All Knits: OIY, OUCH, Hey….. Oh I don’t believe it. SHE does love us – we have our very own home!

A little while later Croch8 comes over.

Croch8: Hey you lot any room for us in there?

Knits 6: No.

Croch8 slumps off, sadly.

To be continued…………….?


Knitting needle picture from: My Matryoshka

 Crochet hook picture from: Nerdigurumi


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