Imagine This!

It is sunny, slightly windy and I am running along, about mile 2 and just getting into my stride when I see a dog like this:

although the one I saw was running around loose on a road. I carried on running, watching it very carefully desperately hoping that she would ignore me. Unfortunately luck was not on my side. She came bounding up to me and started barking at me. In fact she managed to corner me up against a house. She didn’t actually go for me and I don’t think that I really thought she would but I was taking no chances. (I am not a dog person at all!) After a very short while she lost interest in me and began to run off. At that moment a very kind lady drove up and said that she knew who she belonged to. She also said that she did do dogs but she was a bit wary of this one. That made me feel a little bit less of a wimp! I was then able to carry on with my run unhindered!

What events have happened to you whilst out and about? Hope you have a good weekend. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Imagine This!

  1. CJ

    random dogs always scare me. You never know. We had a dog once, looked so sweet. Everyone would always want to come over and pet her. But if you looked at her the wrong way, she’d bite. We always kept her leashed and warned anyone that approached she was not a friendly dog, 95% of the time. I just wish other people would think twice and be more responsible.


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