Crocheted Wire Tiara Necklace

I have to be honest here and own up to the fact that the name was not my idea (I am nowhere near as inventive!) but Joanne Scrace from Notsogranny. It is sister to the Coral Reef Necklace from last week which in turn was derived from this wire rose:

It is made from silver plated wire (3.25mm) and beads. I used a 2mm hook. As for the name – I hope you can see why from this picture:


I hope that from this you are able to see that the first few rows are the same as the Coral Reef Necklace and I have then added the ‘points’. I say points but they did not start in this way. I had to pinch them together in order for it lay flat. That is one of the beauties of working with wire as it does take on whichever shape that you ask of it. It does not lay quite as flat as the other one but I think that it will settle down. Here is it again modelled on Macca Pacca ( He will soon be redundant because I have ordered some special  displays so that I can take pictures myself whilst still being able to get the true effect!)

I am now in the process of working on the third necklace from this set but before I do that I am going to pop over to Handmade Gifts to see what everyone else has been up to this week on Handmade Monday.

Have a good week everyone 🙂


44 thoughts on “Crocheted Wire Tiara Necklace

  1. karen

    beautiful designs I love them I have tried crochet and just cant get the hang of it and having scrolled down your posts I prefer knitting its probably because it is in rows though as i get totally lost with crochet circles or maybe its because i learnt to knit as a child and now i am older its harder to get the hang of it lol xx

  2. freespiritdesigns

    what a pretty, intricate necklace! i love the addition of the pastel coloured beads, they finnish it off beautifully! x

  3. Martha

    those look complicated to me!
    the meshy-beady rose is so nice, love the look of a bead being threaded with a wire
    the necklaces look rich and fab!

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