Stubborn is sometimes good!

Sorry button

First of all I wish to apologise if I messed anyone around yesterday as I had a few technical issues with my post and kept making changes (that and I was trying to do it in a rush). Sorry.

 I don’t normally update so quickly but after yesterday when I was so down on myself I thought that I should share my run last night with you. I am not sure what made me go but something did. I set off thinking I would take things slowly and just see. Well I did that, but I actually ended up running 3 miles with an average of 8.53 miles. I was slightly pleased! 🙂 My split times will tell the story :

Mile 1 : 9.08,

 Mile 2: 8.49 

 Mile 3: 8.42!

See I started off slowly and as my confidence gradually improved so did my time. (or it might be the other way round, who knows?)

I am not sure how that helps me in the future but I do know that I hate to be beaten and sometimes it is good to be as stubborn as a mule!

stubborn ass

Are you ever stubborn to your advantage?



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