The Big Reveal!

Firstly I want to say a huge thank you for all the encouraging comments I received last week. It was really helpful.

Now for the whole story. I was making all those necklaces for a competition that I wanted to enter. Not really sure why except I like a challenge! I didn’t say so before because as you know I have a problem committing to anything. It has all been sent in so I can openly talk about it without fearing that something would go wrong and I would look silly. It was a competition to make a necklace fit for a queen using some specific pearl like beads. All the necklaces I have made previously were my prototypes. The one that I went with was the Queens Tiara Necklace:

This time however I used the proper beads (they are a bit more expensive being Swarvoski!) and, because they are pearl I thought Gold would set them off better. The only gold I have is 2mm instead of the 3.25 that I had been using. I also used a smaller hook 1 instead of 2. The result is this:

As you can see the beads around the bottom are larger than the others on this one. I was really pleased with the result (even if I do say so myself!). Here it is on a real model:

I think it is fit for a queen – indeed whilst looking for a picture of the queen for another project I found one with her wearing something quite similar. (No doubt several more times expensive than mine!). What do you think?

The second reveal is the WIP from last week. I have finished it. For those of you who guessed the jubilee theme you were quite correct. Here it is:

It is not meant to be a hat but I think that it works well. Any guesses as to what the real purpose is?

Even though I was following a pattern for this I still made a few silly mistakes. originally I thought that each length of the cross should be this length and couldn’t work out why they wouldn’t fit!

No not going to fit!

The top one is the length that it should have been (double the length of my first attempts). I must read the instructions properly!! At least it wasn’t too major and easy to correct.

It seems as though I always like to give myself problems to solve. Have you done silly things like this in the past?

I am now heading off to handmade harbour to see what everyone else has been up to this week – do follow me πŸ™‚

25 thoughts on “The Big Reveal!

  1. Jill

    The necklace is stunning – so pretty and it looks like lace. Good luck with the competition. Hope you have a good week

  2. Natalie

    Your necklace looks wonderful and certainly worthy of royal approval! πŸ™‚

    is the hat a tea cosy i wonder…..?!

    i have made mistakes far to numerous to mention – in my creative projects and life in general!! mistakes are a fundamental part of learning, at least that’s my moto! x

  3. Mythillogical

    Wow- the necklace is beautiful, it looks like a lot of work went into it. So intricate, and beautifully executed.

  4. fiddlyfingers

    A stunning necklace! Seeing it on a ‘real’ model sets it off perfectly. Good Luck with the competition. The crown looks rather regal too! I’ve know idea what it should be if it’s not a hat?!

  5. Carol

    Thankyou for leaving a comment on my blog which also prompted me to look at yours and wow, I am so glad I did. What beautiful jewellery. So intricate and balanced. I am not too keen on flashy jewellery but this is perfect. Love the crown too and its


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