Spiral Jewellery (Or going round the bend!)

 What an amazing week! The first amazing thing was that I came runner-up in the competition that I entered where I made a ‘necklace fit for a queen’.

I am understandably really pleased with this – especially as it was judged by a jewellery maker and I am never sure if my work will be appreciated as it is not ‘traditional’ jewellery making. I never know where my work fits on sites such as craftsy – is it crochet or jewellery? For the winner see here. I think that you will agree that it is truly stunning.

The second amazing thing is that the hat I made for my son was voted as winner of his class by his classmates. I am taking that as a win too (although I feel guilty as he had no hand in it!).

Here is a photo of the two hats I made for the jubilee hat parade this week:

Here is a close up of the second hat I made:

Unfortunately I chose to use the fluffy wool left over from the first one. This meant that the pattern is a bit obscured although you still get the general idea.

Now for the spiral jewellery. After a comment from my ‘wonderful’ husband last night I think that I am taking a bit of a risk with this and so am looking forward to your honest opinions about it please. It is very different from the recent necklaces I have been making.

I saw this technique in a book that I got out of the library this week and was keen to see what it would look like in wire. Here is the first attempt:

 I think that I may try it in my slightly finer, silver wire and instead of adding the border use some coloured beads instead. I would really value your totally honest feedback – am I completely wasting my time and going round the bend?

This is the second piece:

These are made using the same process as above but with thinner wire to make earings. Again, I would love to know your thoughts.

I am sorry that this is a long post this week but, as you can see a lot has happened. I am off to Handmade Harbour to see what everyone else has been up to this week on Handmade Monday – do follow me 🙂

 Thanks for reading xx

47 thoughts on “Spiral Jewellery (Or going round the bend!)

      1. susanna

        hi there. this necklace is absolutely stunning. do you sell your jewellery? i would love to have one like this.

  1. Alison

    Well done on runner-up, I think the necklace it beautiful. The hats are just fab, perfect
    jubilee wear. I love the spiral pattern of the necklace and the earrings. It’s hard to judge seeing a picture but I think the thinner wire may look better. The earrings are really pretty.
    Have a lovely week. ali x

  2. mcrafts

    Well done on your 2 wins this week! The top necklace is really stunning. The thing I love about your jewellery is that it is different! I love the necklace as it is above ie the thicker wire – its the kind of thing I would wear – would like it too with beads as opposed to edging in diff colour – some people will prob prefer finer. Earrings are good as they will hang good the shape they are. Mich 🙂

  3. Jan @ Handcrafted by Picto

    Well done on your winning week, your jewellery deserves it and the hats are great.

    The new necklace is too chunky for me but we all have different tastes, thank goodness, I’m sure lots of people will love it.
    I love the effect though, I like the earrings, maybe because of the thinner wire.

    Jan x

  4. fiddlyfingers

    Congratulations on runner up for the necklace competition. I think your creation was stunning. I like the spiral earrings but not so keen on the necklace. Maybe it’s the colours? Perhaps lighter colours, as you suggest silver wire and my preference would be a thinner spiral, like the earrings (unless they are the same and it’s difficult to tell in the photo?). I would be worried it may squash whilst wearing. What size wire do you use. Is it .315mm or less?

  5. freespiritdesigns

    Congratulations on runner up with your necklace – how wonderful! and well deserved after all your efforts

    Your hats are fab too and certainly deserving of the top spot 🙂

    I love how unusual your latest designs are! i think that the earrings work particularly well, probably because the spiral effect seems more natural hanging vertically (if you know what i mean?!) both are fun – its good to be different!

  6. Lisa

    Your necklace is certainly fit for a queen, really stunning work. I like your new necklace design but not so keen on the wire. The hats are fab too, well done on the win!

  7. fatmonica

    Congratulations on your necklace-it thoroughly deserved it!Love the hats too.I love the spiral earrings and necklace,especially the earrings.I’d wear both of them as they are.

  8. craftsbythesea

    Well done for your places in the competitions. I prefer your necklace to the winners. I hope it inspires you to make some more lovely creations.

  9. Mrs A

    Congratulations on both your wins. You should be justly proud of yourself.
    Like the earings you have made in the new pieces. Hugs mrs A


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