Hooplar Earings

I have had a productive week this week despite being school holidays and having the other half around. I have been very inspired. For those of you who helped me by giving your views last week, a huge thanks, and if you have not seen some different versions you can find them here. I have also had an interesting debate on Twitter about the name as I got myself into a bit of a pickle between twisted and spiral. Which do you prefer?

Having finished these items I have had a bit of fun making some earings. The inspiration was from my copy of Red magazine . (Which also had a very scary article in it about the knowledge supermarkets have about us all.)

So back to the earings. I saw these and thought that they would be easy enough to reproduce! Well I went a bit mad with the first pair but they are fun!

They are the three b’s: bold, bright and big! I think that they are great for the summer, especially for someone with a big personality.

As you can see I used a thickish wire and interlocked the 2 rings (I found this trickier than you would think!)

For the second pair I was a lot more conservative, using thinner wire, only one row and beads to add interest.

See much more delicate!

For those of you who are very observant you will notice that the ones in the magazine have 2 hoops that are different sizes. Mine do not! This is because I only noticed this when I came to take the photograph for this post! I am obviously not that observant (or in too much of a rush!)

As always I am very interested to hear any opinions you may have on these – I really do appreciate them.

I am now heading off to Handmade Harbour to see what everyone else has been up to this week via Handmade Monday – do join me.


ps: Oh yes and if you are interested in having a go crocheting or knitting with wire I have listed some of the things that I have used or found helpful under the techniques and information tag up at the top of this blog.


33 thoughts on “Hooplar Earings

  1. fiddlyfingers

    Yep spiral it is! Twisted goes in all directions but spiral goes round and round just like your earrings.!

  2. Natalie

    what fun! i love the creativity of your designs 🙂

    i think spiral too, it sounds more intentional! to me twisted sounds like they could be broken…

  3. Caroline

    Love the pink but then I love all things pink. Well done on your new makes have a creative week and thank you for the blog award I may already have got it but I do appreciate that you chose me, very honoured


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