Knitted Interlocking Ring Necklace

I have been continuing along the theme of circles this week and made a knitted necklace from wire. For those of you who don’t follow my facebook page here is the inspiration:

This came from one of the Jewellery Magazines given to me by Joanne Scrace.

The Process:

I started off making all the individual rings (well strips to make into rings later):

As always I used the beads that I had to hand (red and clear). I used silver wire 0.35mm thick and 2mm DPN’s. In total I made ten strips (5 of each colour). I then simply made them into circles, interlocking them with each other as I went.




As I was using the materials I had to hand, the clear beads were not quite as big as the red. This meant that the clear beaded strips came out a bit smaller than the red. I don’t think this matters too much and makes a bit of a design feature. What do you think?

In the future I am going to only use quality beads. There is a difference and they are so much nicer to work with. There is a beading fair near here on Sunday and despite it being Father’s Day I have the all clear to go (I cannot tell you how excited I am!).

As always I love to hear your comments – are there any alterations that you would make?


6 thoughts on “Knitted Interlocking Ring Necklace

  1. KAB

    Nice to see the finished product having seen you knitting away on Thursday morning! I don’t think the different size of bead matters, the only alteration I’d suggest is to start and end with rings of the same colour attached to the ribbon for balance (that would mean either 9 or 11 rings depending on the length you wanted the necklace).

  2. Not So Granny

    I really like the size differentiation as a design feature. I would have gone for symmetry on the rings ie ending with a red circle at each end but you know all about my slight symmetry ocd!

    Overall this design really works well, its beautiful, and I love seeing how the pieces are building up and your style/aesthetic is becoming really recognisable.

    Can’t wait to see your purchases from the bead show – have fun!

  3. fiddlyfingers

    I like the idea of your design and rather like the clear and red together but I would probably have strung it on something finer than the ribbon. Only my preference though. You have probably come across them already but Swarovski crystals are well worth buying, they sparkle beautifully. Enjoy your bead fair, buy wisely and enjoy!

    1. knitnrun4sanity Post author

      Thank you – I never quite know how to finish these designs off – ribbon is the quickest and easiest but maybe also a bit lazy! Yes I love the Swarovski Crystals just a bit mean!


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