Curly Triangular Jewellery

A Prototype

Ok. So now I have gone from circles to triangles! (Any guesses as to what will be next?) I firstly (as nearly always) did a mock-up in thin cotton, and instead of coming out as a triangle it came out twisted. A 3D shape instead of a “2D”:

This is it uncurled! It is a triangle – honest.

I was really impressed with myself and quickly went on to use wire (in case it wouldn’t work if I left it or something!). It did work and so I made these two earings:

I used 2mm wire and 2mm DPN’s. Plain and simple! I have run out of findings so apologise for that but you can still see the effect.

Another prototype!

Then I felt as if I was on a roll. I did this:

Held open!

I really liked this too and thought about using it in a necklace format. With the earings I ummd and arrrd whether they needed beads adding  and I may still do this but for the moment I wanted to consider the necklace. I wondered about adding a bead at the thinnest point between each one or using small beads along the edges to give it some definition. This is what I have decided on and despite it not being finished I am so excited about it I am going to let you all have a little preview now:

I am excited about this because it has really come about by happy accident and I feel that it is totally unique! It is not finished because it is organic and keeps evolving of its own accord. I finish one bit and think it needs just one more but somehow it is never quite there! (If you look carefully you can see the knitting needle attached at the back!

As you can see I went for beads along the edges, giving definition and in between as well. Being wire it holds it shape really well. As I keep looking at it I can think of lots of minor additions and adjustments that may well become a sister piece!  I am going to go and have a look at what other people have been up to this week over at Handmade Harbour before getting on to finish this necklace! Hope you all have a good week and do let me know what you think of this necklace – it will help me to shape future work!


35 thoughts on “Curly Triangular Jewellery

  1. freespiritdesigns

    i love how spontaneous you are with your creations! your enthusiasm is really contagious 🙂

    both earrings and necklace are very pretty, the colour of the beads looks fantastic with the silver! x

  2. karen

    beautiful and yes i agree you must be very patient use the wire as for whats next Im not sure how about pentagons or hexagons xxx

  3. Alison

    Wow what a productive week. Your earrings are amazing and the beads on the necklace look lovely. Can’t wait to see more. Ali x


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