It was worth it!


I have had a tough week, mostly on an emotional level. I have been disappointed by the selfishness of humans and the way me and my family have been treated. Anyway this morning I was tired. I got dressed in my running gear as normal for a Friday but was a bit half-hearted.

Let’s just see……

And then, as we left for school it started to rain. This combined with the wind was not enticing me to run! However, once I had dropped the children off I decided to give it a go and see how I felt. It had stopped raining by now and so I set off feeling a bit tight and tired but, as is often the way, felt ok once I got going.


Due to a road that I usually use being shut I was forced to run a bit further than normal but when I got to the point where I could have cut the run short (too short really) I carried on and I am so glad I did because I saw one of these:

This is a Marsh Harrier. They are big birds and we occasionally see them around here. They are larger than the average bird we usually get. I saw him really up close – close enough to see the markings which was really amazing. It was really windy and he was struggling with the wind a bit but it really lifted my mood. I love seeing things like this as it makes me realise that I really do live in the countryside and that there is more to life than silly selfish people.

I went on to run 8 miles which I was pleased with – and yes I was glad I went.

(Rather belatedly here are my summaries for last week.)

2 thoughts on “It was worth it!

  1. fiddlyfingers

    Well done you for completing your run! I love seeing birds like this too, they are beautiful to watch and always make me wish I could fly!


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