Drip, drop

I am not a fan of writing a post about the great British weather but I just cannot help it today! I went for a run on Sunday. It was a slowish run. I had waited for a heavy downpour to finish and thought that this would be a safe time to go out – surely there would not be any left after the amount we had just had? Well obviously there could! I got to the end of the road and saw black, menacing clouds. I turned around and picked up a rain coat! Good job because it rained for most of the 30 minutes I was out. Rain was running down my face. (I so hate that!)

THEN today I went for a run again. On the school run I put on a jumper because it is always a bit cool in the mornings. Except for today that is! I soon took it off. I did go for a run and instead of the rain causing water to run down my face today it was sweat! Too much info? Sorry. It was obviously not quite as bad as from the rain but I think this just sums up the British weather nicely. Unpredictable!



8 thoughts on “Drip, drop

  1. mrsmcindoe

    ah. so it isn;t just me then, the confusion about the clothing for the school run! I keep thinking I am having hot flushes as the sun is so in and out!


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