Insane or Dedication?

For those of you reading this who don’t run the answer will be insane, because going for a run is always insane, but for those of you who like to dabble then please read on and let me know if I am as insane as I think I am.

Under pressure:

Most of you know that I run, quite a lot. Some of you will know that I have recently began to not only record my mileage but also my workouts here.  I have, therefore just added a whole lot of pressure onto myself (more than just what is in my brain!). Wednesday, (yesterday) is one of my run days, except that due to child illness I was unable to go (that and I was shattered!) I even sent my apologies to a meeting I should have attended.

Normally this would not have been a problem, I would simply have gone out on Thursday evening instead. Fine except that I would not be able to without leaving the children home alone as Hubby is away.


Being the responsible adult that I am this was not going to be possible. That left two options: Not run for 2 days or get up early…. When my son came into me at 6.30am this morning instead of letting him in and dozing off again I jumped out of bed. 10minutes later I was out of the door and literally stumbling down the road. I soon remembered why I do not do this on a regular basis.

Reasons I do not run first thing in the morning:

1. My brain and legs do not have time to link up properly.

2. I have no fuel.

3. I am slightly dehydrated.

4. My muscles are stiff.

5. I do not run very fast.

Need anymore reasons? I did however feel better for doing it.

Over to you:

So where do you stand on this question?

Do you think that I am insane or would you have done the same thing? Would you have done this but made some changes? Please let me know. I need to know if I am certifiable or not!

5 thoughts on “Insane or Dedication?

  1. Not So Granny

    I think I probably would have asked a friend who lived just around the corner to sit for the kids for 20 minutes while I did a quick run in the evening. I’m sure you have just such a friend.

  2. fiddlyfingers

    I have not exercised for quite a while now! But when I did, early mornings were not for me! Not sure why, lack of fuel, not awake, not communicating with right parts of body! Not sure but it didn’t do it for me. If I had had childcare problems, that would be me finished! Hence why now my children are not really an issue (22 and living away from home and 23 and half living at home) I don’t have an excuse but could still do with losing a couple of stone!


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