Curled Crib Necklace

Rushing on.

I had a conversation today with Joanne Scrace which made me realise that I really ought to reign myself in. I am so busy rushing on to tackle new ideas that I don’t ever really see things through to the end. This maybe simply not quite finishing off a piece (weaving in all the ends etc)  to remaking items with the odd change so that I feel fully happy with it.


So this evening I got on and finished a necklace. I did not have much to do – just redo the i-cord on one side.

My first attempt was flat!

I had already re-done one side, so not much work left. First I had to undo the i-cord I had already done which is not as easy with wire than with yarn as it catches. I am, however getting the hang of it. Once I had done that it was a relatively quick to re-knit the i-cord.

So remember this?

Well it now looks like this:

A bit longer now!

A Mind of its own!

This necklace really dictated to me as I went along. I kept thinking that one more diamond will be enough, but each time it just wasn’t. I also toyed with the idea of ending with half diamond shapes but that never happened either!

So there you have it. A completed necklace. Quite an achievement for me if I do say so myself! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Curled Crib Necklace

  1. Divine Debris

    Ooh, I do like the longer version of the necklace. I know what you mean, I am so excited to move on to the next thing I forget to finish the current project. I have half finished things everywhere. 🙂


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