Granny Square Wire Bracelet

Granny Square:

Yes, you read that correct, my next project began with a simple old Granny Square. It occurred to me that I spent last week working on diamonds which are actually just squares so I flicked through a book and found this one:

This is a photo of the square I used from the book.

This is my attempt in cotton:

Hmm a bit like the book?

I obviously didn’t block!

And this is it in wire:

This is in 0.2mm wire, using a 1mm hook

The Project:

With this being very dainty, (and for a bit of a change) I decided to make several of these wire granny squares (it is a square honest!) and turn them into a bracelet:

I hope that you can see that between each one is a simple pearl bead.

Your advice please:

For those of you with extra beady(!) eyes you will see that I have not put any findings on yet. That is simply because I am not sure what to use yet. I have chunky ones that will look a bit out of place. I did toy with the idea of just using a bead and a loop but am unsure. What would you use?

And for the future:

I have been playing around with the wire granny squares and had a go at adding beads and also doing it in slightly thicker wire. This still needs some work on but here is what I have done so far:

I used 0.30mm wire for this one so it comes out a bit bigger.

I thought that I may do something along these lines and use it as the ‘feature’ square in the wire bracelet and put the smaller, thinner wire squares around for the band. What do you think? I always get such good feedback from everyone over at Handmade Monday so a huge thanks to you all. I find your help invaluable.

Ps: I did comment on everyone’s blog post over at Handmade Harbour last week although I seemed to have trouble getting some of them published. I am sorry if that was you – I am hoping that things will go a bit smoother this week. I do so love reading about what you are all up to.


55 thoughts on “Granny Square Wire Bracelet

  1. Caroline

    The bracelet is so delicate and you have e upmost patience, a to crochet in the first place and b in wire, hats off

  2. Planet Penny

    The granny square looks so pretty and delicate I think a bead and loop fastening would look pretty, but would it be secure enough? How about the little sprung rings (I can’t remember what they’re called) that you get on necklaces?

  3. fatmonica

    I love this bracelet,it looks so delicate.I don’t know much about fastenings but is there something that’s easy to fasten with one hand without having to pull on the bracelet.

  4. t1ckledp1nk

    I think a bead and loop would look great, but as to how secure it would be I don’t know. I also love the idea of the feature square – you are so clever.

  5. freespiritdesigns

    very pretty bracelet – i think that a bead with a loop is a fab idea for the clasp, i know they are not as secure but it would look very pretty i think!

    the larger square with beads as a feature sounds fab and the copper wire is gorgeous 🙂

  6. Alison

    I love it. When I started reading your blog I thought you’d given up wire and gone to wool, I was disappointed. Then hooray a wire granny square. I really like the bracelet, the beads inbetween the squares are really pretty. Have a lovely week. Ali x

    1. knitnrun4sanity Post author

      I am sorry as I think that yours was one of the blogs that I couldn’t get the comment to work on last week. (It wasn’t very inspirational as I am not very creative with names!). Thanks for the idea – I will look into it.

  7. Handbagsbyhelen

    Your wire square is really pretty. I like the idea of a pendant which someone else suggested.

  8. Jan @ Handcrafted by Picto

    I like the different colours you used in the bracelet, it looks very pretty. I was bought a bracelet at the weekend and it has a ‘T bar toggle clasp’. it’s very easy to put on myself and is very secure.

    Jan x

  9. Divine Debris

    That is a fantastic idea! I love the way that bracelet is shaping up, especially the colors. Those little squares, or diamonds :D, look so delicate I’d be afraid of touching them.

      1. Divine Debris

        I know, but they look so fragile! Still though, they’re really cool looking. In the wire you can’t even really see the that they’re granny squares like you can in yarn. They just look like a really complicated design. It’s kinda awesome.

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