Wire Copper and Gold Granny Square Necklace


I have continued along with the theme of the Granny Squares this week. Following  comments from Divine Debris Jewelry and from Free Spirit Designs who said how much they like the copper wire I set off to make a bracelet using squares made from this wire.

Not quite right:

I thought that I would make one feature Granny Square using the copper wire with two gold ones each side. The gold wire I have is thinner and the squares therefore come out smaller

In between each granny square I put a Swarovski Pearl bead. I was really pleased with it until I realised that it wasn’t long enough to go around the wrist!

As you can see the top one is not as long as the bottom one (which is the bracelet from last week.)

What now?

I had a quick discussion with my knowledgeable and opinionated son but didn’t come to any conclusion! However a bit later I suddenly had a brainwave (yep – doesn’t happen that often but did this week!) I would make it into a necklace:

I have to say that I think it is my favourite piece so far. No doubt partly because I love these colours.

The icing on the cake:

To top it all off I then found a lovely new way to make the ‘chain’ – a twisted braid. I really love this:

It is really simple to do (it does actually involve twisting the hook and wire around 360′) and it looks lovely too. I really feel that it finishes off the necklace really well. I hope that you agree.

Being Sunday I am now going to head over to Handmade Monday on Handmade Harbour to read the lovely blogs over there and see what else has been created this week. I really recommend that you come too.


48 thoughts on “Wire Copper and Gold Granny Square Necklace

  1. freespiritdesigns

    Wow, beautiful! the colours are gorgeous and the design so pleasing to the eye, and ‘cheery’ somehow – i love it!

    i’m so glad my comment helped spur you on with this project 🙂 thank you for the mention! x

  2. Divine Debris

    Oh, yeah, that necklace looks fantastic. I liked the colors on the first image, when it was going to be a bracelet, but when I saw it in necklace form it really jumped out at me. It just looks really cool. And I love the colors too. 😀

  3. fatmonica

    I love these.The bracelets look great but the necklace is really stunning-I think it shows the squares off really well.Love the colours too.

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  5. Mrs A.

    I was going to say put some chaining inbewteen to make the bracelet longer and then saaw you had turned it into a stunning necklace anyway. Hugs Mrs A.

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