Truth or Lies?

I have learnt something new today – Ostriches do not stick their head in the sand when in danger. It is a shame because I had all sorts of clever headings for this post revolving around this fact! Instead I will go with the mantra – I MUST NOT MOAN (No-one wants to read a post full of my moans right?)


Ostrich (Photo credit: Ginger Me)

I have completely neglected the running half of my blog the past couple of weeks! Why? Well I am frustrated and when this happens I tend to pretend that it is not happening. I think that I hope that it will then go away. Obviously this doesn’t happen so I am being brave today and facing up to a few home truths.

True or false?: I thought I was fairly fit.

Picture credit:Britsintheus

So why do I ache so much? This week my body has felt completely broken! Last week  running was an effort – you only have to look at the figures. Despite cutting back on miles my timings were slow. This week too has been hard. I have been like an elderly lady with two knee replacements. My thighs are so sore. (I must not moan!) The positive however is that I did run 10 miles in quite a good time on Saturday, following 7 on Friday! (I can be positive!)

Answer: I am expecting too much from myself (or am I just getting too old?)

Picture credit: fitness motivational quotes

True or False? I thought my shoes fit.     

So why have I got blisters all over my feet? I have no answer to this except that it hurts 😦 (I know I must not moan!) Any answers gratefully accepted (I have changed nothing, not socks, not shoes, nothing!)

Answer:? (should be true as I had them fitted properly in a shop with a treadmill!)

On the other hand I have had my successes – I ran my fastest mile (8.17) without setting out to and I ran 10 miles for the first time in months. See, it is not all bad really but it is very easy to ignore the good things and convince myself that the bad things are bigger than they are. Is there anything that you do this for? Do you ignore the good things and focus on the bad?

Picture source: fitness motivational quotes


Some things just do not go away and some things are not as bad as you make them out to be. There are good things mixed in as well as the bad (Or is that just me?)

2 thoughts on “Truth or Lies?

  1. feelgoodknitting

    Could your shoes be wearing out? For some reason the shoes I have now seem to be wearing out much faster on the inside than on the soles, and I’ve started getting the occasional blister from it (and I run way fewer miles than you!) If you’re always getting blisters in the same spot and you’re not recovering from an injury that might have changed your gait, I’d see if there’s something in the shoe that’s causing it.


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