Spot The Difference!

This week I have to credit the wonderful blog entitled planetpenny  (do go and have a look at it if you do not know it) which I found through Handmade Monday over at Handmade Harbour.

Penny recently wrote a post about using different yarns and hooks and the effects it has on the finished item:

crochet_mouse_group2With kind permission from Planet Penny

Without setting out to I have sort of done the same thing this week with a bracelet. I started off with this pattern thinking that it would make a good bracelet:

A Looped Braid

 It did but the added chain along the edge REALLY didn’t work (you are going to have to trust me on this because I ripped it back before taking any pictures!)

The braid bracelet in green wire.

I thought that adding beads would be good but unfortunately the wire that I had used was a bit too thin  (0.2mm) so the beads would over power it. So I went to my wires and choose this thick wire:

Thicker green wire with pink beads added.

I liked it and but wanted to try it in the silver wire that I use most often in my jewellery:

Silver wire and turquoise beads!

So here you have it. The same bracelet in three different widths of wire using the corresponding appropriate hook.

The three crocheted braid bracelets.

The initial green (bottom) was made with 1mm hook and 0.2 mm wire.

The silver wire (middle) was made with a 3mm hook and 0.35 mm wire.

The dark green one (top) was made with a 5mm hook and 0.5mm wire.

Proof (as if you need it) that what applies to yarn also applies to wire! Which is your favourite? As I went along each one surpassed the other as my favourite.

3 braided bracelets on an arm!

Do you think any of them would work as a necklace?

Before I head over to Handmade Harbour to see what everyone else has been up to this week I just wanted to share some earrings that I made on Thursday night during  creativesunite (you pledge to craft for an hour). I think this is a great idea as it gets me off this and busy doing what I should be doing – do come and join in if you can. Anyway here they are:

Turquoise Wreath Earrings

Red Wreath Earrings

Not bad for one hours work? What could you do in an hour? Fancy giving it a go?

Now come and join me over at Handmade Harbour and have a look at some of the wonderful blogs over there.

Have a good week.:)


48 thoughts on “Spot The Difference!

  1. freespiritdesigns

    its amazing how different the bracelets turned out just by using different colours and thicknesses of wire! The silver with the blue beads is my fav – so pretty 🙂

    your earrings are super too – definitely a productive hour’s work! x

  2. Planet Penny

    Fascinating to see yet another aspect of crochet. It’s just so versatile! Love the silver wire with turquoise, just my colours. Thanks for the link , have a good week x

  3. Alison

    The silver and turqoise bracelet is really pretty and the earrings are gorgeous.
    I really enjoy seeing your process at arriving at the finished pieces. Thanks
    for sharing. Ali x

  4. Sophie

    All are lovely, but like most I think the silver with turquoise is the most successful – dainty and ethereal. Would love to try using wire – do you have a recommended supplier? Thanks! Sophie

    1. knitnrun4sanity Post author

      Thanks for stopping by. Do give it a go. It is very different to using yarn and things come out quite differently sometimes. You just have to experiment (it is all I do!) Let me know how you get on if you do have a go. 🙂

  5. Helen Gallery

    I think the silver one is my favourite but they are all beautiful!
    Love the idea of crafting for an hour on Thursdays…might well look in to that, thanks for the link!

  6. Lisa

    The bracelets look so delicate and pretty, i love the silver and blue beads best and think they would definately work as a necklace

  7. Lululoves

    I think they are all great and it’s amazing what a difference hook size can make to the outcome. My fav is the dark green one with red beads – really striking :)) Em xx


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