Wheels and Flowers

This week I started off with my usual enthusiasm but I have to admit, as the week has gone on I have found this diminishing. I am not sure why but I do hope that it comes back soon!

This week I started with this pattern:

My ‘prototype’.


It is an individual motive from a shawl. In my own little way I had a bit of a play around with it and came up with several different wire motives.

Hmm needs a bit of straightening out!

This, my first attempt is simply the initial bit of the wheel. The wire brings it out bigger than the cotton but not bad. Next I thought that I would use the copper wire that many people have liked previously. I made a few changes:

I compacted it a bit by changing trebles into half trebles and then added the gold on the top. This adds a 3D nature to it as well as more interest.The gold is finer and I therefore used a smaller hook to complete this. I thought it would make a nice brooch but I may do something different at a later date…. we shall see.


Beads added!

This had to be my next step! This time I included another 2 rings from the original wheel. Again this looks to be a bit squashed but can be easily straightened out. I thought that this would make a nice brooch or even a pendant for a necklace. The next one I did added on the final rounds of the original:

This again would make a real statement pendant. I have to say that I think it looks better in real life. Will have to take more photos later I think.Β  When I was doing this I nearly didn’t put as many beads on but have found that it is hard to predict what something will look like so carried on. Then I did not have the motivation to do another one.


Not a bad week’s production but I don’t think that I have had the satisfaction of being really pleased with a finished item (or even really finished one). Will now spend the evening looking through my books to get a bit of real inspiration before I make something this week. What do you do to help get you motivated and inspired when you are lacking? Good job every week is not like this!!!

Before I get my books out however I shall head over to Handmade harbour see what everyone else has been up to this week (that will probably inspire me again in itself). There are some really talented people over there. Do pop over and have a look yourself.


46 thoughts on “Wheels and Flowers

  1. Hannah

    I am impressed with what you achieved to say you dont feel very motivated! I tend to pick up a book or a magazine too or i try to have a go at something i havent tried before, sometimes a chnage is all thats needed πŸ™‚

  2. Caroline

    Love the copper and cream colouring but I am a bit of a pastel and beige girl. You will get your mojo back all this hot weather probably wanted to be sitting on the beach

  3. Natalie

    the copper and gold is gorgeous, i love the warm colours and i agree it would make a great brooch πŸ™‚

    I love the beads with the silver too – i think it would make an amazing ‘up market’ Christmas decoration! (it reminds me a little of a snowflake :))

  4. fiddlyfingers

    It’s infuriating when the medium you’re working with doesn’t turn out as you picture it. I sometimes find it better to leave it, move on to other things and then come back to it. It always looks different when you return!

  5. highland monkeys

    I agree with Fiddlyfingers I usually put it away and then come back later! My mojo is missing as well. I look at Pinterest and books for inspiration to kick start me again!

  6. RosMadeMe

    I have a technical question… when you work in wire do you block or manipulate your work into shape… I have visions of you with a cork board and pins to get everything into place πŸ™‚ I love the copper combination, it would be really flattering to wear.

  7. Jill Spain (@JillSpain)

    Some weeks are like that aren’t they – start off and OK and it’s gone! Fingers crossed it is very short-lived. The copper and gold looks gorgeous together – very smart. Hope you have a good week.

  8. t1ckledp1nk

    I love the copper one too – beautiful. Not sure what to suggest about regaining motivation, perhaps Handmade Monday and all the lovely blogs will help? Hope it comes back soon. xx

  9. Susan (@Eatitanyway)

    I like the copper, but the beady ones really popped to me. As far as motivation, sometimes I just take a break, which makes me miss making things. But then I don’t sell anything, so it doesn’t matter if I make things or not.

  10. Ali

    The bead designs are gorgeous and the copper and cream work really well together.
    Re motivation, reading other people’s blog helps, and having something is link to such as Handmade Monday. I quite often trawl Oprah Winfrey’s website as she’s full of inspiring quotes. Ali x

  11. handbagsbyhelen

    Love all your adventures in exploring what you can do. Amazing that you can do that with wire!

  12. Helen

    You’ve done well with no motivation πŸ™‚ i can’t do anything unless i’m motivated to, it never turns out like i hope it will.

  13. Martha

    wow, looks like you;ve been busy!
    i like the wire-and-bead creation – so… original and unique
    you seem to be crocheting this metal as if it was a softest yarn in the world!
    this meshy structure is so… complicated and at the same time so light. definitely stands out!

  14. Christa

    I LOVE the coppery example it is just gorgeous. I can only imagine what beautiful things you must make when your mojo is in full swing


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