Holiday Olympic Fun

Just thought that I would share an activity that my mini – people always enjoy. It also provides a long-lasting memory.

All you need is a plain white t-shirt the correct size (Amazon do Fruit of the Loom ones for a very reasonable price), a set of fabric pens (again I got mine from Amazon but many other shops sell them) and some old bits of cardboard.

You put the bit of cardboard in the middle of the t-shirt and off you go!

The front! Opting for the freestyle.

The back of 1 (not ironed obviously)

Front of number 2











The back of number 2!







The front of number 3.

The back of number 3




















You can pencil the design on first as we did for the backs of 2 and 3.

Once you have finished you simply iron with a cool iron.

Mine love doing this. In the past I have put some embroidery on but they were happy doing their own designs this time.

Hope that you have fun with this.


6 thoughts on “Holiday Olympic Fun

  1. Laura

    It´s so funny that you call them Mini-people! 🙂 I fully support this name. In fact, this is exactly what I think when I look at my child – a mini person, with strange proportions.
    And you have three of those mini-people that you involve in crafts while you yourself run. knit and crochet – you are a champion, really!

  2. Lululoves

    What a lovely idea, I think I may give that a go as one of my ‘keep the children occupied for 10 minutes’ holiday activities. They look great. Em x


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