This week the Olympics and the holidays have really got in the way of me keeping up with things. I have not even completed anything but have prepared the way for a few projects very soon. So that you didn’t think that I had left the planet or anything I thought I would share these things with you:

I turned this pile of plastic charity bags into….


To give you some idea of size I put a tea light holder beside. It didn’t take long but has been on my to-do list for a long time. I am not going to tell you what I am hoping to turn it into, except to say that it will be crocheted!

I hope you can see that I have threaded a load of beads onto crochet thread.

This week I finally worked out how to put seed beads onto thread or yarn. Something that had been baffling me for a while now. I could put them onto wire easily enough but thread is just far too bendy. Youtube is just great! If you are wondering here is the video that I watched:

Any ideas what I am planning to do with this?

Finally I treated myself to some yarn for one more project:

This is all sparkly and lovely looking. (Metallic Firefly)

Now I look at it, I have been quite productive, just not in the’ Ta da’ kind of way. Now that I am all prepared I have a lot more work to do over the next few days so that I reach that ‘Ta da’  moment! Looking forward to it :). Hope you all have a fab weekend.


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