Update on Preparations.


Yesterday we returned from an amazing week at Sheringham in Norfolk. All those weeks of endless rain magically disappeared and we had almost Mediterranean weather.

Just to give you an idea. These are the seals we saw.

I wish that we were still there.

This holiday is the reason for my previous post: preparations. I couldn’t go away and not do anything for a week and making jewellery would involve taking too many supplies! Unfortunately for one reason or another I didn’t finish many of the projects but still had a very productive week. It being handmade Monday (which I very sadly missed last week :() I thought that I would share my works in progress with you all!

Project #1

Remember this?

This is all sparkly and lovely looking. (metallic Firefly)

Some of it turned into this:

A simple crocheted ribbon necklace.

With some into this:

I will write another more detailed post about each of these projects later so I can give credit where needed but want to keep things fairly short today.

Project #2

A bit more jewellery:

I hope you can see that I have threaded a load of beads onto crochet thread.

With a bit of knitting this was turned into this:

I have finally got into the British spirit. Too late for the Olympics but just in time for the para-olympics!

Project #3

This is the one that I am most nervous about as I fear that I am about to let people down! It involves this:


This was the ideal material to craft with on the beach and despite the huge ball I took with me I didn’t have enough to finish my project. I am sure that you will be able to tell what this will be:

So nothing very original I am afraid.

Project #4

My final WIP is this:

I am hoping to make this into a bag!

This yarn is lovely to work with. It even has sparkly sequins attached! Obviously a lot more work to do before this is completed.

I am now going to spend a very enjoyable evening browsing through the wonderful blogs over at Handmade Harbour (with a nice cold glass of wine obviously)- do come and join me.


34 thoughts on “Update on Preparations.

  1. Wendy

    Some lovely makes. Glad your holiday went well but we’re still waiting for the mediterranean-style weather up here. I think it got a little lost.

  2. Caroline

    Beautiful weather, hope you had a good time. Made me laugh I always go armed with things to do on holiday and they all come back untouched

  3. freespiritdesigns

    wow, you’ve been busy! some very intriguing projects here… i’ve never heard of ‘plarn’ but i love what you have done with it! Your Union Jack is a triumph! – its never too late to fly the flag of Britishness 🙂

    i look forward to seeing your finished sequiny bag and i’m glad that the sun shone on your holiday 🙂 x

  4. fiddlyfingers

    Did you have time for a holiday Lol! You created so many lovely things! Will look forward to seeing how you turn that pretty crochet into a bag.

  5. Tara

    I love the beaded piece. I want to attempt something like that and crochet with beads. It is a very nice piece. Something like that would make a really nice headband. 🙂 I also love the “Project 4” piece… That yarn is magical looking! 🙂

  6. Susie

    You did so many things. I like them all, but I’m intrigued by the plarn, I’ve wanted to try that. I end up with so many of those bags! Hope you had fun. 🙂

  7. Bits and Bobs Crafts

    I always have a huge supply of bags ready before I start a plarn project as I know I’ll run out – its actually addicitive when you start isn’t it? I love the firefly yarn and the knitted union jack is ace! I admire your patience in working out how to thread all the beads in the right sequence. Glad you had a good break in Norfolk, looks beautiful x

  8. Martha

    beautiful creations, i like the crocheted flowers (?) from the last picture, their colours are gorgeous! i wonder what this bag is gonna look like 🙂


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