Lessons From a Mystery Project


This knitting project is a mystery on two fronts. Firstly because when I started out I didn’t know what it looked like when finished because it had never been made! Secondly because I cannot share the finished project with you for a while. This is because it is a test knit for the superb designer Joanne Scrace aka Not so Granny. The pattern will be published and only then will I be able to share it with you.

Lesson 1

Being a good girl I did a few tension squares. I hate these as I am always so eager to start on the project but it was a really good job I did this because I knit tightly!! I did a few squares just to be sure but it did not so I used half a size needles larger than stated in the pattern. Even so I used less wool that Joanne on her smaller sized project in the end. Hmmmm.

Lesson 2

I knit quite quickly. It took me just 8 days to finish the project (once I had unraveled the first part having found a mistake. I know that you have no idea what I knitted and as I am unsure if I am allowed to tell you I shan’t but I am impressed – especially as life had to continue anyway. (Computer things went to the back burner though.)

Lesson 3

I can knit with DPNs!! This is something I didn’t tell Joanne before I started as I didn’t want to put her off but I had to find a video on YouTube to learn how to do it. I got in a real muddle to start with, needles and fingers everywhere but got the hang of it . (Hope you can’t tell it is my first attempt!)

Lesson 4

I have become a bit of a knitting snob. (Well alright a real live one!) Joanne specialises in designing seamless garments, usually from the top down. I love this as there is minimal sewing up afterwards but it did mean I needed to buy the correct sized circular needles. (A shopping opportunity :)) I took a trip to a wonderful local shop that I heard of called the Sheep Shop (Well worth visiting if you are passing through Cambridge ever) and treated myself to these :

Knit Pro Knitting needles!

I loved the multi-coloured needles but as I knit tightly was advised (quite rightly) that I would probably like these better. They are amazing. Unfortunately, because I knitted this more quickly than I expected I did not buy the DPN’s I needed and so had to resort to a cheaper make. These took a bit of getting used to. It was then that I realised that I had succumbed!

Lesson 5

I am ashamed to admit this but it has boosted my confidence and am beginning to believe that I may be an OK knitter (if tight!).

Finally a bit ofย  a tease….

I am allowed to show the colour of the yarn that I used.

One of my tension squares!

I did not get to choose the yarn but am really happy with the colour I got. It is not probably something that I would choose but love it! It is hand dyed yarn and that is all I am saying until I get the all clear!

So now you know (if you have been wondering) why I have gone all quiet. I am really sorry to say that I did not get to visit every blog on Handmade Monday last week, for which I apologise. I am hoping that this post does count as handmade as I am hoping to link up with handmade Monday over at Handmade Harbour as I do every week. I will do my best to read every one of the superb blogs over there this week ๐Ÿ™‚



19 thoughts on “Lessons From a Mystery Project

  1. Jan @ Handcrafted by Picto

    So while I’m finding things that are not really there (the bunny) you are hiding your things that are really there, mmm what is it I wonder?????
    Thanks for popping over to see me, I’ll keep the sketches in my ‘collection’ I may use it as inspiration for some future project.
    I’ve never been to Sheep Shop but I’ll be sure check it out next time I’m in Cambridge.

    Jan x


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