Beautiful Blogger Award.

I was recently informed that I had been nominated for the beautiful blogger award. The person who nominated me was Drikka from her blog Glaser crafts and tips. In the way of awards it was totally unexpected and I am most appreciative of it. It is so nice to know that there are people who enjoy reading my blog (even though I say I do it for myself it is really nice to think that there are others enjoying it too).

Beautiful Blogger AwardI can now officially display this on my blog! šŸ™‚

Now for the tricky bit.

I have completed the first step which is to refer back to the nominator. The next step is to nominate 7 more blogs and to comment on them. I find this really hard because I am an avid reader of blogs and really enjoy the ones I do read. However, because I like to really get to know the bloggers I limit myself to how many I follow. If I didn’t I would spend forever on the computer. I also think that if people take the time to write then I want to take the time to read what they have written properly.Ā  I have also tried to nominate different blogs from the ones that I nominated for the versatile Blogger award:

1. healthyfrenchie I love this blog because she is so inspirational and makes me shake up my workouts!

2. Bits and bobs: A great blog by someone who spends a lot of time organising craft fairs. She writes very honest posts about her personal journey, sharing all the lessons she has learnt along the way. She also writes about the wonderful crafters that are taking part in her events.

3. Finddly fingers This is mainly a crochet blog (of the jumbo size) where Chester (you have to go and meet him) shares his adventures with us. It is always bright and cheerful and a little bit different.

4. Coastal inspired jewellery: an amazing blog about jewellery that she makes with a coastal theme such as earrings from pebbles (yes really).

5. Amigurumi barmy: Before I started blogging I had never come across this before. This lady does wonderful creations!

6. Lottie Of London: What she does with Polymer clay is amazing!

7. Woolhogs: This is home to the Made it! challenge and therefore has great links to crafty blogs of all types. I also like the fact that it is written from a different hemisphere from me so that as we approach winter, they are approaching summer.

These are not in any particular order but all are worth checking out. Do please go and have a look.

Finally I have to write 7 things about me!

1. I am a perfectionist.

2. I have a geography degree.

3. I am very determined (why else would I keep running half marathons?)

4. I find it hard to say no when people ask me to do things ( and then take on too much!)

5. I need a lot of sleep.

6. My handwriting is very small.

7. I have green eyes!

There we go. All items checked. Thank you again to Drikka šŸ™‚



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