Ribbon necklaces

On craftsy I found a great lady (CrocKnits )who made some great necklaces using ribbon or flag yarn. She has recently started up a blog here. Do go and check it out. She has only been up and running for a week and so am sure would love a few visits and comments.

I was really impressed and so, before our holiday went and brought some appropriate yarn. (I am very embarrassed about this next bit) Being too tight to pay for a pattern (sorry CrocKnits) I searched online and found this website (numei) with some ideas. Please don’t compare my work with hers as I did not print out the patterns and so was working blind! The ones shown on the website look very professional!

I started with a simple 3 chain necklace:

Then went onto this one with loops in:

It is so long I had to raise the stand!

Me being me I then started to experiment:

This time smaller ‘gaps’ but many more.

I think that I shall be returning to these in the nonΒ  too distant future and think about developing them further with wire and beads.

Finally I wish to thank you all for your comments last week. I took on board Natalie’s idea from freespiritdesigns and did make a heart:

I actually made 2 of these and then joined them together with stuffing in the middle. I thought it would make a great and unusual key-ring.

If you don’t know either of the two blogs I have mentioned then do please go and have a look. They are both very talented people. Again I apologise to CrocKnits for doing you out of some income. Use her patterns if you decide to have a go. πŸ™‚ She also has many others – look her up on craftsy.

As always I am going to be popping over to Handmade Harbour to see what other talented people have been up to this week (freespiritdesigns is usually there!) It really is worth it :).


40 thoughts on “Ribbon necklaces

  1. freespiritdesigns

    thank you for the mention!

    i’m glad my heart shape idea appealed πŸ™‚ i love how it turned out and joining the two and stuffing them is inspired! you are always so creative with your makes

    i love the chain effect of the necklaces too.. definitely seems like an idea worth returning too! x

  2. Alison

    I love how you start off with an idea and really run with it. I like all the necklaces. I don’t think you needed a pattern. The heart keyring is a fab idea. Have a lovely week.
    Ali x

  3. Martha

    lovely to see your jewellery experiments πŸ™‚
    how you crochet all those strings, i have got no idea, but it looks intriguing!
    thanks for your comments on my blog x


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