Lovely Post!

I own up now, I am being completely unoriginal and I would even go so far as to say I am doing a bit of plagiarism. Notsogranny has written a post along these lines here (a good post day) and claireabellamakes here (I love post). I love post (who doesn’t) but I very rarely get the sort of post that I do love. Today however was different, it was a Christmas Post  sort of day. I shall explain.

The first one I opened was this:

My giveaway that I won this week.

Make and Craft is a  brand new magazine that has the first issue out on the 12th October. As part of the launch party they are giving away a crafty goody everyday until this date. All you have to do is write a comment in the forum and you may just be lucky enough to win. I did and this is what I got. Do go and have a look – it is well worth it. There are some good opening offers and a host of information on their website.

The next item of post I opened was this:

My run to the beat t-shirt and information.

Yes this is another half marathon which I should be dreading but due to the live bands and it being in London I am looking forward to. (It is also far enough away to convince myself that I will be able to do enough training to make it less of a nightmare than my last one.)

My final piece of post contained this:

My copy of Simply Knitting and the free gift.

Three great things in one delivery. One cannot ask for anymore. Have you received any exciting post recently?

4 thoughts on “Lovely Post!

  1. claireabellemakes

    Ooh what a great week of post! Thanks for the mention too.

    The threads look great. My scissors arrived this morning. I also received a pen friend parcel this week (included Canadian magazines, gloves and photos), a book of crocheted egg cosies in a giveaway and my amazing bicycle notebook from Tracy. FAB post week.

    Isn’t it just exciting when you get a parcel?!

      1. claireabellemakes

        I sent 5 parcels as well though! My pen friend in Canada wanted some olympic merchandise and I sent a mug and gifts for Cupcake Mamma’s mug swap. I think the post office must think I’m a bit crazy the amount I send/collect.


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