Finally… my first entry into the Made It challenge!

This post is purely for my entry into the monthly Made It Challenge run by Woolhogs. Click on the link to find out how you can enter – it is very easy as all you have to do is make something. I have been putting this off for ages but have finally been ‘encouraged out of the woodwork. (This does not show anything new so for my regular readers I apologise. I simply wanted to put it all into one post.)

Blog Tour Giveaway

This was originally made for a blog tour I was taking part in to celebrate the launch of a new craft magazine entitled Make and Craft. I was given a book to review and also one to giveaway.

This was the book!

And this is what I made from it: Crocheted Bunting


I simply had a go at making 7 of the triangle shapes and then strung them up to make bunting. It was a party after all. Since I have done this Penny from theย  PlanetPenny has had some crocheted bunting published in a magazine. (Great minds and all that!) Do check out her blog – it is lovely and packed with lovely makes.

Here are the individual triangles in close up:

Michaelmas Daisy Triangle

Stonecrop Triangle


Celtic Flower Triangle

This one is called ‘Violet Triangle’

Jonquil Triangle

Centaury Triangle


Lily Triangle

So there you have it. My first entry into the Made It challenge.

Why don’t you enter too?


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