I am sure that many of you reading this will have experienced this feeling. After my visit to the Knitting and Stitching show last weekend (read about my haul here) I came back wishing that I had enough hours in the day to do all the things that I wanted. At the show there were fantastic fabricsΒ  and buttons that made me want to make quilts and start making clothes again. There were also amazing yarns and makes that made me want to make slippers, gloves, cowls, jumpers…… In short I was thoroughly confused. I read some great blogs where people do a variety of different crafts – maybe I should not be too narrow? Any of this sound familiar? This confused and flighty behaviour stayed with me all week.

Project Number 1:

For the coach journey to the show I took with me a knitting project to make some fingerless gloves.

I have not quite finished but will be by the end of Downton tonight!

I chose these to take because it was a portable project (beading just isn’t) and the wool was provided for me by the Simply knitting magazine. (It came in a vacuum pack so small that it was hard to believe that it was really a full ball!). It is also nice to follow a pattern every now and again.

And here they are being modeled. They have not been blocked yet as you can see.

Project Number 2:

Some of you will be aware that it has been my intention to sell my wire jewellery for some time but I just have not felt ‘ready’. At the show there was a lady who made knitted jewellery in a very similar style to me. In fact the main one was very, very like this twisted necklace that I made a while ago:

My twisted Necklace

Hers was knitted whilst mine is crocheted but the style was very similar. This experience was very encouraging to me as it meant that I am not completely mad when it comes to my designs. It also gave me back some determination to achieve my goal.

When I got back from the show I turned out all my jewellery and had a look at it, making some finishing touches here and there so that it was in sell-able form. They are all currently hanging on a hanger in my bedroom and there they have stayed for a week!

Project Number 3:

Following this new-found enthusiasm I got my beads out again and made a pair of earrings that had been planned for a long time:

They didn’t take long and I have to say I am really pleased with them. Unfortunately I have not yet made up the ideas that I now have along the same lines…. mainly because of

Project Number 4:

Many of you will know how proud I am of the success of my good friend Joanne Scrace (Notsogranny) She has not been designing knitted and crocheted items for a year yet she does not have a space in her diary for anymore projects. She is truly amazing. Following a conversation with her one day this week I was, yet again, led off down another path. Not saying too much here, my head has been buzzing with some ideas that I am now trying to put into reality. This is what I have come up with so far (after rather a lot of trail and error!):

I have a long way to go with this and this is only one out of the two ideas I have. These are not quick little projects obviously.


As you can see I have flitted about a lot this week (and that is not all the things that have been going on in my head!). Does this sound at all familiar?Β  Has anyone come up with some good strategies to deal with it? On reflection however I do have a couple of points to say:

1. It doesn’t actually matter if I flit about as long as I am happy. I am not trying to build a business (yet!).

2. I do love creating , it makes me truly happy so I am going to dedicate a bit more time to it. Instead of keeping it to the evenings I am going to spend one morning a week on it and see where that gets me.

3. I am also going to dedicate some proper space to it in my house (that means moving it from the corner in the lounge and putting it out in the spare room where there is more space.)

4. I need to believe in myself more πŸ™‚


I also love the whole online creative community. I have found some amazingly talented people who are all so encouraging. As always I am linking this post in with Handmade Monday over at Handmade Harbour. Here you will find some of these amazing people I have been talking about. I do so love my weekly catch up, why don’t you join me?

One final note – I am really delighted to see that I am in the very privileged situation of being featured on the Sheep shop website.Β  The Sheep Shop is a lovely local woolly shop in Cambridge and I am very grateful for this. If ever you come to Cambridge, do go and have a look – it is a really lovely shop full of lovely things.

Hope you all have a great week. πŸ™‚



64 thoughts on “Hijacked!

  1. Anna

    I don’t think I could ever stick to just a few crafts! Sometimes my own flightiness leads to projects not being finished, but I have an ‘in-tray’ now so I can’t start a new project until it’s empty, which helps. More often I find that having many projects/crafts on the go keeps me excited about making, I get to combine disaster-leading-to-valuable lessons with working on the few crafts I know I’m already good at, and I meet a wider variety of other crafters this way. I agree with you; the important thing is simply to create, and enjoy it!

    Anna. x

  2. Nice piece of work

    Hello, I just found you through Woolhogs – πŸ™‚
    I just want to say a couple of things re this post – 1. you are not crazy, it is GOOD to have lots of different ideas flitting and bouncing around in your head; they will settle down when they are ready to; just go with the flow. 2. you definitely need to go with your #4! Your work is really beautiful, and clearly you have some original ideas that just need time and experimentation to bring them to fruition. I have made more mistakes and had more fails this year than ever before, simply because I have spent more time experimenting and feeling my way. So, at the early stages, for every success, there may be 2 or 3 failures. But that’s also good because otherwise how would you learn? And the woman who makes knitted necklaces similar to yours – it’s good because you know that your style will also appeal to some people (nothing appeals to everyone, ever!, so that just can’t be taken personally). Maybe sometime soon, when you feel more confident, you will get those items off the hanger in your bedroom and let us all see them?… πŸ™‚

  3. Mythillogical (@Mythillogical)

    So much to do, so little time- sounds VERY familiar! But, variety is the spice of life! I’ve bought myself a whole load of new things to play with this week, which probably wasn’t a good idea as I’m supposed to be concentrating on one big project at the moment, with a deadline that’s swiftly approaching!- Oh well!
    The fingerless gloves are gorgeous.

  4. little red monkey

    I think so long as what you are doing makes you happy, then you are doing the right thing. I have many different projects on the go, dipping in and out of things as I feel is right (not done much of anything recently but that’s a whole different story!). However, I do think sometimes it is a bit overwhelming having a lot of different projects on the go at once. Maybe focusing on a couple of different things a week would help? That way you get to do a variety of crafts and some finished pieces at the end of the week…..for your shop which you should definitely set up! This week!

    What have you got to loose?

    I would buy a pair of those gloves, they are fab! xxxxxxx

  5. wendy

    I have come to the conclusion that I actually need to flit a bit! It’s one of the reasons I started designing patterns – it’s the perfect excuse for a bit of flitting, especially when I’m designing for magazines.

  6. freespiritdesigns

    i know exactly what you mean! i’m like this all the time, my mind wandering in so many creative directions… i’ve found the best way to deal with it productively is to try and write down every idea i have on a ‘to do’ list – that way i feel they’ve been temporarily set aside rather than abandoned and i don’t have to make too many choices between things – just start at the top of the list and work down!

    i’m glad you’re gaining confidence in your jewellery, it is so wonderfully inventive and fun! I really love the dangly earrings you’ve made this week πŸ™‚ x

  7. threadsnshreds

    Yes i have the same dilemma in my head, so many different crafts i want to dabble in, but with working full time i havent a hope in doing half the amount that i’d like to! Doesnt mean i won’t try tho πŸ˜€

  8. Caroline

    Being creative is just that and yes you can flit from one project to another, this shows a creative brain always yearning to learn new things, so go with the flow.

  9. Jill Spain (@JillSpain)

    Very good conclusions. Yes, think we all tend to flit from one craft to another – it’s nice to try new things isn’t it? Your makes are lovely – the necklace is especially gorgeous, like the colours you have used. Hope you have a good week.

  10. raphaele42

    What a positive and encouraging post. You should never restrict yourself when it comes to being creative, especially if it makes you happy! Your work is beautiful, it would be a loss if you didn’t follow your ideas (the twisted necklace is a beauty and the earrings are really pretty).

  11. Planet Penny

    Ooh I know that post Knit and Stitch show feeling, so many crafts, so little time! I love the mittens, it’s good to be able to use time on the coach to come up with a creation at the end of the journey.

  12. Sarah

    I think you summed it up yourself….it makes you happy, so flit away to your hearts content!! Good luck with your jewellery!
    Have a good week?
    S x

  13. Ginny Sturdy

    I feel the same, that I am always flitting between knitting, sewing, embroidery, kid’s craft … and should try to stick to one thing, and make a real go of it. But you should also do what makes you happy.

    1. knitnrun4sanity Post author

      Yes I see a lot of me in your posts. It is one reason why I find your posts so interesting I think. It is like watching myself from afar! Thank you so much for your kind words. They mean a lot.

  14. Alison

    I was really surprised when you said you don’t sell your jewellery. I always pop by to see you from Handmade Harbour and I always think ‘what amazing pieces she makes’. I think your jewellery is really unique and pretty, and therefore would definitely sell. But I do think the most important thing in life is to be happy and if just making your jewellery for now makes you happy that’s what you should do. Have a lovely week.
    Ali x
    PS love the fingerless gloves.

  15. Catherine at The MacsX

    Your flitting about is definitely a lot more productive than mine. I think you’ve already got the main part sussed – ‘it makes you happy and you love the creativity’ And your work is striking and unique – I’ve just been assuming it was already on sale and kind of out of my price range. Have a great week. Cx

  16. fiddlyfingers

    You have had some very positive replies and I don’t think I can add much more except to say another interesting concept is to combine all or some of your favourite crafts in one item. As you saw from my blog I am learning wet felting at the moment but have managed to incorporate my love for crochet by adding a crochet trim and a bit of needle felting for good measure. I love your jewellery, it is so creative and unique. I’m sure it would sell, people are always on the look out for something different and this would definitely catch there eye πŸ™‚

    1. knitnrun4sanity Post author

      Thank you so much:) I have been a bit overwhelmed by the comments everyone has been leaving to be honest. It has been really good to give myself permission to craft in the day this week and have really enjoyed that. I do like your idea of combining things though…..

  17. Rebekah

    Well done! It sounds like you’ve been well and truly inspired by the show you attended and I think that can only be a good thing. I can totally relate to the confusion of new (and many!) ideas whizzing around your head but i think you’ve done the most crucial thing, which is starting. I have found an effective way of dealing with it (aside from keeping a very basic list with all my ideas so they don’t vanish) is to start a project, finish it, then make some notes about what to change next time. Then move on to the next great idea and repeat. I have found that this can put the idea to rest in my mind and give other inspirations a bit of breathing room. And if the idea that you visualised in your mind just doesn’t come to fruition despite all your best problem solving, you can shelve it until a later date.

    I like to say I never met a craft I didn’t like, and find that when i am practising more than one at the same time (I currently have crochet, felting, sewing, card making and an interesting upcycling project on the go!) sometimes techniques from one craft are applicable to another and solve a problem in a less traditional/obvious way (if that very long sentence makes sense!).

    Anyway keep up the good work, I absolutely adore those gloves and am inspired once again to add “re-learn to knit” to my WIP πŸ™‚

    1. knitnrun4sanity Post author

      Your makes are lovely. Do not be so hard on yourself (but I have already said that!) You were very much inmy mind when I wrote this if that helps at all? I love what you do and part of me wants to have that freedom.

  18. EleanorLucy

    I don’t think it’s necessarily necessary (ha!) to focus on one area – you can combine your interests into larger and unique projects which is doubly inspiring! Having a dedicated space is such a luxury and makes a massive difference – I love being able to leave everything out when I finish instead of tidying everything away into a box. It also means I’m much more likely to get stick straight back in in the morning! Ooh and whilst I’m here… I absolutely love your crocheted wire necklace! πŸ™‚

  19. Pingback: The long lost pin cushion | byhook

  20. fatmonica

    Love those ear rings!I think that by flitting and trying different things we can pinpoint exactly what we enjoy and what we’re good at and find our hidden talent along the way!

  21. Michaela

    That sounds exactly like me at the moment, I don’t know what to do with myself in the evenings because I don’t know where to start. As well as all the craft projects my head is full of unwritten blog posts, then there is trying to keep up with all the other lovely blogs (catching up tonight!). Trying to make a plan to get organised over the next few days and actually achieve something.

    Sounds like you have managed lots in the past week though and the fingerless gloves are beautiful, I love the pattern!!

  22. Clare

    It doesn’t matter if it takes you a while to finish a project as long as you dont set yourself deadlines. I have two crochet blankets, a knitted cowl, a cross stitch birth sampler, two scrapbooks and wedding invitations on the go at the moment… I still make sure that i have a bit of time doing nothing most evenings!

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    1. knitnrun4sanity Post author

      I found that it took me ages to start it up but now that I know what I am doing it doesn’t take so long. I even have done a couple from my phone which is amazing for me! You need to get your tags right to help your blog show up on search engines. You also need to post fairly regularly as activity will also help you get further up the search lists. In the beginning (actually I still do this) I spent a lot of time reading, commenting and following other blogs as quite often people will come back and visit, even, follow your blog. I have only been doing this for nearly a year so I am very appreciative for your very kind comments. If I can help anymore then I will be more than happy to try and help πŸ™‚ Good luck.


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