Still learning?

I always admire people who keep on expanding their skills and learning new things. This week I managed to do it myself! Having a go at making up my own pattern I realised that I needed to find a crochet stitch that had a bit of ‘give’ as the basic chain was too firm when made up in cotton for what I needed. .

As always Google came to the rescue as I typed in something along the lines of ‘stretchy crochet stitch’ (I know imaginative isn’t it?) It worked however as it came up with this:

Having watched this I gave it a go and really like it 🙂 It does what it says it will do. In fact I ended up using it twice!

Then last night I saw a blog post talking about a love knot. I was aware of it being used in rings but wasn’t aware of the crochet form. Again Google came to the rescue – it is simply another name for Solomon’s knot.

Image from

As I can already do this stitch – I have learnt something new without having to teach myself. Perfect!

Have you taught yourself anything new recently?


I love to hear your thoughts and views.

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