Purchases and WIP’s

Following the successes of last week I am afraid that this week has been a bit of a contrast. Half term. I am lucky as I do like half terms and having the children around but I cannot say they are very relaxing, indeed I have struggled to get out of bed every morning and been going to bed early.

A Dilemma

Due to this I decided to use this opportunity to use the wool that I bought at the knitting and stitching show and knit a pattern by someone else. It is a pattern that I absolutely love and I am sure you will too when I am able to share it with you. I thought that it was fairly easy to knit and coming along nicely until I stopped and looked and saw that I have actually made a mistake with one of the cables. I have not done anymore on it since although thought about it a lot. I either need to make the decision that it is not that noticeable and carry on or take a deep breath and rip it back. What would you do? Do you like things to be perfect?


I did have a couple of evenings where I felt inspired to have a go at creating my own things. Following on the Solomon’s Knot theme I created a flower:

I made this using fine wire. Originally I thought earrings bit I am not so sure now……

For this I was thinking a show necklace. Just need a chain or some ribbon.

(I really apologise for the photos, the only chance I had this week the weather was far from congenial.)


Whilst out and about this week I indulged myself in some shopping. Charity shops that is. I have been looking for some bangles to up cycle and found these:

This is a bit battered but that will not matter with what I have planned for this.

I also found these and thought they would be perfect to make the snowflakes which are in this months Make and Craft Magazine designed by Hannah Blavins.

Finally, last week I found a new blog (new to me) over at Handmade Harbour: Knitty knots. I was very excited because on there she had some vintage knitting needles that she had magicked (Is that a word?) into bracelets. To cut a long story short, this week I got one of my very own through the post.


It even comes with this lovely bag. Oh I am so lucky:)

If you would like one (and I know some of you beat me to it) then head over to the Folksy shop yourself.

I realise that this post is a bit short on actual handmade items but I do intend to make up for it next week. As always I am popping over to Handmade Monday to have a browse. Why don’t you follow, you never know what you will find there……

Have a great week everyone. 🙂



49 thoughts on “Purchases and WIP’s

  1. Wendy

    Love those flowers. It’s great you found something lovely via Handmade Harbour – I love those knitting needle bracelets too and they’re just such a fab piece of jewellery for a knitter! x

  2. highland monkeys

    Hmm to frog or not. I guess it depends how noticable it is. If its really obvious I would rip back. I wonder what you are going to do with the bangles. That’s a very delicate looking flower.

    1. Alison

      I really like the flowers. Do you think they would work as a bracelet? Your bracelet finds are lovely, especially the knitting needle bracelet. I know how you feel about half term, I struggle getting things done when I’m not in a ‘normal’ routine. Have a lovely week.
      Ali x

  3. freespiritdesigns

    ooooh those flowers are so pretty! they will look gorgeous as a necklace 🙂

    re your dilemma… i think what i’d probably end up doing is going ahead with the make, although i have been known to regret this type of decision in the past… on the other hand, there are always inconsistencies in handmade items which i think is part of their charm and beauty – something to be celebrated rather than ‘corrected’ perhaps! x

    1. knitnrun4sanity Post author

      Bless you – so kind and sympathetic. This is probably much along the lines of the advice I may give someone. Just wondering if my ‘Perfectionism’ will let me ignore it or not.

  4. Caroline

    Love the flowers and your new knitty bracelet. The knitting? I would unpick and redo and have done so in the past quite a bit, as it would annoy me that it was wrong but you go with what you are happy with.

  5. Blue Forest Jewellery

    Sounds like you’ve made lots of plans this week, so it has been productive after all! I would go with your instincts on whether to unpick the knit or not. Sometimes it’s nice to have the freedom to decide exactly what you want to do, after all, part of the joy of crafting is that you are your own boss, isn’t it?

    Have a great week,
    Alison x

  6. Christmas Pie

    The Solomon’s knot flowers are so pretty. Look forward to seeing the up cycled bracelets. I love the knitting needle bracelet – what a great idea. Hope you have a good week.

  7. Ginny Sturdy

    I know what you mean about half-term. I always think I’m going to have so much time, but think I have done less than in a week when I’m at work and everyone is at school. You still seem like you’ve had a productive week.

  8. byhook

    Eek – I’m a bit of a lazy bones when it comes to frogging. If it is for me, I will usually leave it (especially if the pattern is complex and I am rows away from the mistake). Then of course every time I wear/use the item, I point out the imperfection – possibly to save the embarrasment of anyone pointing it out to me!!) If it is for someone else, I’ll always frog it back to the mistake – it’s heartbreaking. I once frogged the entire front half of a jumper I was making for my one-year old nephew – I was freestyling it and it turned out the size was more suitable for a 10 year old! Also loving those star-shaped flowers, they’re gorgoues. You do inspire me to have a go at crocheting with wire – something I’ve never plucked up the courage to do 🙂

  9. Helen

    You have my huge sympathies for a mistake in cable! I’m afraid I usually rip back right to the beginning and start again. I love cable, its very therapeutic to do but if i make a mistake i get confused so generally have to start again!
    The knitting needle bracelet is fab. Might take a look at those!

  10. Sarah Smith

    I too have the curse (?) of perfectionism and I would have to go back and correct it otherwise it would niggle at me forever! I have learned though that others are not afflicted in the same way and see some imperfections as perfectly fine. Perhaps it’s a way of showing that it is truly hand crafted.
    Sarah x

  11. claireabellemakes

    A great post. I think the wire flowers would make a nice bracelet perhaps, it you joined them together. I look forward to seeing what you make them into.

    I love love love the knitting needle bracelets, what a cool idea!

  12. Joanna

    I am a total perfectionist which isn’t always a good thing as I often obsess over the tinest of flaws in the things I make – I am trying to improve through and go a little bit easier on myself! I think the question is whether or not the fact that *you* know that the mistake is there is going to niggle at you or not and therefore going to take some of the pleasure out of completing it for you?

    I LOVE the knitting needle bracelet! Brilliant!

    1. knitnrun4sanity Post author

      Thanks for your comment. I do think it would niggle and therefore will come back. I am glad I asked the question though as it has helped me to work things out. 🙂

  13. Susan Scribner

    The flowers are lovely, so many things you could do with them (even sewing them on things like purses etc). As to ripping things out, unless you are nearly finished I vote for doing that. Mainly because otherwise even tho I HATE redoing I hate even more when I look at something I did and know it has a mistake in it (if it’s something noticeable. On the other hand if it’s one of those things no one would ever see, then don’t bother. I hope that makes sense.

  14. t1ckledp1nk

    I think that if the mistake is not too obvious I would leave it, but maybe not – not much help am I.
    The flowers will make a gorgeous necklace and I can’t wait to see what you do with those bangles.
    Love the knitting needle bracelet – not sure how I missed that last week, must go and have a peep.

  15. soyofthenorth

    The decision to undo something or carry on can be a tricky one. The problem is now that you have noticed the mistake, it will be quite difficult to not notice it. If it’s not too noticeable, you could leave it then if someone asks you about it, say it just shows that the item is handmade 🙂

  16. CatkinJane

    It’s really difficult when you know there’s a mistake – usually no-one else notices but you know it’s there! I sometimes see it as a challenge to allow little mistakes to pass – nothing is, or has to be, perfect!!

  17. Jan @ Handcrafted by Picto

    Love your flowers, they are very delicate looking and would make a lovely necklace.
    As for your knitting, if it was me I think it would depend what it was where it was on the item and if it could be disguised by a brooch or a flower or some such thing!!! I’m not a fast knitter so would hate to undo and redo.

    Jan x

  18. sue

    I know what you mean about being short on items to show this week – I seem to have been busy all week and not got anything finished!!

  19. Michaela

    If it was me, I’d have to re-do because I’m a fussbag! I have been known to spend many evenings un-doing work and re-doing it again. But is depends on whether you can live with it or not. Sometimes un-doing it a few days later doesn’t seem so traumatic.

    I love the knitting needle bangle, definitely magic!


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