Beaded Flower Pattern (in wire)

At the WI last week another pattern that I had available was for this little flower:

I put it onto a hair grip but could be adapted for other things.

It is crocheted and this one is in very fine wire. It would work in thicker wire or another yarn. Many people seem to be interested in trying out crocheting with wire which is why I devised this pattern. I have sent some home with some people who were unable to have a go on the night and have vaguely wondered if it might be a  good idea to put some kits together to sell. What do you think – do you think that people would be interested?

Here is one that was completed on the night by someone:

This was done with a larger hook so came out a bit bigger but is really pretty.

The wire that I took with me was very fine and not good for beginner crocheters but they did still manage to complete something that was unique to them.

For those of you with a bit of wire stashed away somewhere (and I do know that you are out there) and fancy having a go here is the pattern that I came up with:

Wire, Beaded Crochet Flower

This is a flower that starts with a magic circle so it can be pulled tight. Dc’s and Tr’s are then worked around the ring.


All the stitches are in UK terms for conversion see here.

ss: slip stitch

ch: chain

dc: double treble

tr: treble

Thread 10 beads onto the wire.

Make a Magic ring by wrapping the wire around your finger. With your hook, pull the yarn through. For an excellent tutorial on how to do a magic ring see the stitchsharers post here.

Round 1: 1 ch, 19dc into loop. Ss to 2nd ch of 2 ch. Pull loop tight.

Round 2: 3ch, 1tr into next dc placing bead in the final pull through –(yarn around hook, through dc, yarn around hook, pull through dc, yarn around hook pull through 2 loops on hook, pull bead up, yarn around hook, pull through the remaining 2 loops on hook. The bead should be in place.)  *1tr into next dc, 1 tr into next dc with bead placed at the top. Repeat from * until all beads used. Ss into 3rd chain of initial 3ch. Cast off.

There should be a bead in every other treble around the top.

Finishing off: Weave in ends. Attach a hair piece or brooch back as desired.

If you try this I would love to see what you produce. Enjoy 🙂

12 thoughts on “Beaded Flower Pattern (in wire)

  1. Michaela

    I have my wire stashed away from last week so now I can give this a go and I’ll add your link to the WI blog so others can find it too. x

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  3. claireabellemakes

    I think a kit would be a good idea. I really like getting kits for new skills because you can sit quietly in your own time and try out something different. I have tried some kits where the seller is also happy to be contacted with queries which really helps.


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