Advent is here!

I suppose that I really must start to think about Christmas. Actually, in some ways I have been very organised, with the majority of the presents bought and even wrapped. Other than that however I have not done much. The ingredients for the Christmas cake have been bought….and are still sitting in the cupboard. The cards are bought ….and remain unwritten. You get the idea?

Advent Calender

moos 030

A couple of years ago my eldest said that he would really like to have little stockings up the stairs with chocolates in. Not wanting to disappoint I did as requested. It was first used last year so this year was easy – all I had to was find them, buy chocolates and organise them. We all did this yesterday. As well as a chocolate I have a set of 24 mini books which tell the Christmas story so the corresponding one of these goes into the stocking as well.

I crocheted these. The numbers are pipe cleaners stuck on with glue and the top has ribbon stuck on.

I crocheted these. The numbers are pipe cleaners stuck on with glue and the top has ribbon stuck on.

Part of their homemade charm is that no two stockings are exactly same, some look more like stockings than others. The important thing is my children are happy and they bring a bit of festivity to the stairs.

Christmas Crafting

Yes, after weeks of reading about everyone else’s lovely Christmas makes I thought that it was about time that I started.



I had a thought that snowflakes may well work well in wire and so gave them a go with the end goal of making a garland to go across the mantle. I used this free pattern from Notsogranny (who currently has a great giveaway on her blog to win a booklet of patterns along with the yarn to make your choice of pattern from the book).

I started off with a very fine wire and a small hook, then moved onto silver. This wire is slightly thicker and I therefore used a larger hook:

Silver, wire Crochet snowflake.

For this final version I went back to the fine wire but used a larger hook. I really like the effect of this as you can see the detail.

Small wire snowflake made from fine wire.I am really looking forward to making more of these so that I can finish my garland.

Now I am going to head over to Handmade Harbour as always to see what Christmassy delights everyone else has been making this week (before making my Christmas cake, writing my cards etc!!) Why don’t you join me? You may pick up a very special Christmas present …..

48 thoughts on “Advent is here!

  1. soyofthenorth

    Love your snowflakes. They look as delicate as the real thing.

    The stockings are a great idea, although since they are easier to get into than a sealed advent calender, I would be a bit too tempted to cheat and skip ahead a few days 😀

  2. freespiritdesigns

    awww i love your advent stockings!! Such a lovely homely idea and they also look pleasingly full in classic homemade style 🙂

    Your snowflakes are beautiful! What an inspired idea to crochet them in wire, the effect is fantastic x

  3. Wendy

    I love your advent stockings!! I think the idea of the same advent to bring out each year is a lovely one, the children will remember it all their lives. I love the idea of mini books in there as well as chocolate.

  4. Sarah

    I love your little stocking advent calender!! Really gorgeous! And as for your snowflakes, they’re simply beautiful….so delicate.
    Have a good week
    S x

  5. Blue Forest Jewellery

    Wow – you are pretty organised with your presents wrapped already! The stockings are so lovely – something you’ll always remember I guess about your family Christmasses. Might have to have a go at those beautiful snowflakes as wire is my passion – yours look so delicate and pretty. Have a great week, Alison x

  6. patchworkfairy

    I love crochet and so I really like your snowflakes! The only time I have used wire in a similar way was to make a tree of life pendant and i really enjoyed making it. I will have to try some wire snoflakes for our house now!

  7. Alison

    I love your stocking advent calendar it’s such a lovely idea. The snowflakes are really pretty. They’ll look wonderful displayed with fairy lights. Have a lovely week.
    Ali x

  8. A Wooly Tale

    You are far more organised than I am when it comes to Chrostmas – I am still in denial!

    Your advent calendar is just gorgeous! What makes it extra special is thay fact that you also put the little books in each one with the story of Christmas, what a brilliant idea!

  9. Martha

    wow your snowflakes so original and so light… like mist or haze. will look good as a garland or on a christmas tree

    you’re very well organized! everything planned ahead, and me? all done and baked “5 to twelve” 🙂

    i like your crocheted advent calendar – nothing like a hand made thing 🙂 Ive been planning to … knit one in form of knitted balls but i think i maybe a little late with it now.
    i will probably start it and finish knitting some time after xmas but will be counting down the day with it at next xmas season

  10. Jean

    What a fantastic idea – advent stocking and the fillings. I must make a note for next year. Starting a new “tradition” would certainly help. The preparations are always easier when you already know what is to be done. It will save thinking – always a good thing when there is a lot to do.

    Thank you for sharing.



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