This weekend I went to my very first swish. For those of you unfamiliar with the term it is a party where you take unwanted (good quality) clothes and accessories and come back with new items that you love. (For more info check out this blog.) Also, apart from having a great time with friends, great wine, nibbles and clothes we raised money for a local pre-school. It really can not get better than that can it?

The venue.

The village hall that had been hired had been set up with tables at one end, cafe style with tables and rails the other for the clothes and accessories. There was another area with mirrors for trying clothes on. You have a chance to browse and when the signal is given (in this case a bell), you are able to grab one item that you would like. The first time we had a warning but after that there was no warning. You can see that there are possibilities for arguments about certain objects but we were a well-behaved bunch with elbows kept firmly by our sides.

This is most of what I came home with.

This is most of what I came home with.

As you can see I did really well coming home with 2 skirts (one of which still had the labels on), 4 tops, one jumper and a jacket. There is definitely a green  theme going on here.

I also got this very good quality coat.

I also got this very good quality coat.

Don’t you just love the fab bright lining? This coat fits me so well. I would not have given it a second look usually as I have a ‘rule’ where I do not wear black. However I was persuaded as with a bright scarf the black is not next to my skin. The lovely scarf is handmade  by the brilliant designer Joanne Scrace so I am sure that one day will be worth a lot (my little investment:)). This really demonstrates the real beauty of swishes. You get to try on things that you would never even give a glance to usually, meaning that it is a great way to add new styles and designs to your wardrobe. It is also safe as if you do not like it then you can simply swish it next time. A definite win win I think you would agree?

For those of you within the Cambridge area there will be another swish party in the spring so keep a look out for that. If you are not local then I really urge you to organise your own. It is immense fun and you go home with a lot of new outfits. A huge thanks to Kelly aka crumbmaker for organising this wonderful event. You are truly a star.



11 thoughts on “Swishing

  1. healthyfrenchie

    I love what you got! And the idea of a party like this! Sounds like so much fun. I have to admit though that my wardrobe is full of stuff I either love or is in too bad to give away condition.. It’s new for me, but I think it’s because I get so little chances to go shopping here, I don’t waste it on stuff I won’t really use anymore..

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