Re-evaluating: Part 2

The last couple of weeks have been the sort when things ‘come together’. I have not done anything really amazing or different. It has just sort of happened.

The WI

Regular readers will be aware that I recently joined a ‘trendy’ WI (Woman’s Institute). On one of my many trips around the village I recently noticed a sign advertising the next meeting for the local WI here within the village. Normally I would have ignored it but the topic for this meeting was one that I have an interest in: Knitting with wire. How could I not go? For the first attempt I persuaded a friend to come with me. It was a cold night and when we got there found that it was a Weight Watchers meeting. Hmmm. Luckily my friend is very good natured and took no offense. The meeting was the next night.

The Local Meeting

Not wanting to hassle my friend again I went on my own the next night, reflecting that a year ago I would never have considered going to a meeting on my own. On arrival I was met by some lovely ladies and shown to a table ‘where the rowdy people sit!’ Unlike the meetings I attend in Cambridge they started the meeting singing the hymn Jerusalem (no I did not know the words). They then had an accounts summary like a more formal meeting.

The Knitting lady

She briefly introduced herself and showed us the three crafts we could do. I opted for the knitted bracelet.

This was done with very small seed beads and with needles larger than I would normally use.

This was done with very small seed beads and with needles larger than I would normally use.

It was really interesting how different each one turned out – the size of the beads make a huge difference. I had a really nice evening and may well go along to more of these local meetings in the future. Yes the age is older but they are all amazing women and being a smaller group you can develop relationships easier.


1 and 2: The first lesson I learnt was from the wire knitting lady. She spends her whole time going around meetings such as WI groups and leads sessions such as this. I found this really interesting and is definitely something that I could do. I also saw how she packaged the little kits that we used – again an idea that I could do very easily in order to sell them on line.

3. I liked the effect of using larger needles.

My First Commission

Following the meeting I was wearing my bracelet at the Swish party I went to and a lovely lady actually asked me to make one for her friend! I was completely taken aback and quoted a silly price for it but still. She asked for purple and pearl beads:

party + submission 002These beads are slightly larger than the ones that I used originally but she still likes it (YAY).

Here you can see the difference created by using different sized beads.

Here you can see the difference created by using different sized beads.

Final lessons for this week:

This has all given me a bit of a lift in confidence. I do not have to constantly push the boundaries and make new, intricate and difficult things – sometimes simple is better (how could I forget that?). Have you ever got carried away by challenging yourself to difficult, complicated things all the time?  With this sale I have also madly been looking at how to package it, thinking of a logo (and name)….. the list feels endless. More on all that another time… (any tips VERY welcome.)

Now I am going to treat myself by heading over to Handmade Harbour and see what all those other wonderful crafters have been up to this week.


34 thoughts on “Re-evaluating: Part 2

  1. freespiritdesigns

    It sounds like going to the WI meeting was a very positive experience all round! Your bracelets look gorgeous, i particularly like the lilac and pearl commissioned one – i could definitely see you selling lots of those! x

  2. A Wooly Tale

    Congratulations on getting your first order and so quickly – great news and not suprising as they are so pretty! You have more guts than I do walking in to a meeting on your own, I’m not sure I would though you have have inspired me to go and google my nearest meeting as I have always been curious! Good luck with coming up with a name and logo etc…very exciting!

  3. Planet Penny

    I wish we had a trendy WI, the ladies here are lovely but it’s very much the silk frock and hat brigade I fear. I’m not ready for that yet!
    The beaded bracelets are so pretty.

    1. knitnrun4sanity Post author

      Thanks. The village group is not trendy and completely different but I love talking to the older ladies – they are so interesting and we do not mix with them very much anymore.

  4. Blue Forest Jewellery

    How fantastic to get a commission straight away like that! I love the bigger beads you used myself. It does give you lots more confidence whenever you make a sale, doesn’t it? I would enjoy that feeling and sort out the branding and publicity and other things as you need to. There are only so many hours in the day, after all, especially at this time of year 🙂

    Have a great week,
    Alison x

  5. claireabellemakes

    Fantastic to hear about another WI meeting. Remember you could be a dual member! It’s great to hear you did some wire work too and received a commission.

    I think for your sales it is important to plan and not rush into packaging, logo etc. As long as you provide a way of contacting you in the first instance, that is a good start as they can come back when their friends see the bracelet and order more 😉

    Claire x

  6. Pickle-Lily

    What a lovely way to spend an evening! I’m a member of a trendy WI and they have just capped the membership at 150!! So a small, friendly group sounds great. Super bracelets! Jo x

  7. Ali Bee Creations

    As usual your bracelets are lovely. I was really pleased to see you’d got a sale out of the blue and you did it, fantastic. I’m in the process of opening on Etsy shop. I’ve kept putting it off and then the other week I decided I’d nothing to lose. I hope your really successful, your designs are always so pretty and unique.
    Ali x


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