Snowflake Bunting

Isn’t it odd how habits stick? There is no Handmade Monday this week but because it is Sunday I am still going to write a post. I simply cannot help myself!

For the last few weeks I have been busy crocheting snowflakes with wire. You have seen this snowflake before:

Wire Snowflake

This is a nice and quick snowflake designed by Notsogranny (the pattern can be found here). The other snowflakes I made are much bigger and came in a supplement from Simply Knitting. (You can find the patterns here.) They also take longer than the first one.

Wire snowflake 2

xmas2012 022

xmas2012 023

So there you have it. I made three large ones, each one different. I also had two silver and two copper notsogranny ones. I strung them all together and hung them on my mantle piece.

I really like the way the wire catches the light and 'sparkles'.

I really like the way the wire catches the light and ‘sparkles’.

So there you have it – a different sort of bunting for Christmas. Have you made any Christmas bunting or have you been too busy making presents for people?

I wish you all a very merry Christmas :).


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