Running – This year and next year.

Happy New Year

Although it does not feel like it, I am reliably informed that it is Sunday again. Thus it must be time for another post! In our family we have a busy family Christmas followed by a birthday on the 29th so I never feel ready to confront the new year until after that. The birthday has now passed and I have no more excuses and I have to confront the fact that there is a new year starting tomorrow evening. Over the past week I have read an awful lot of brilliant and inspirational thoughts reflecting over the last year and then thinking ahead to next. One that I enjoyed is by Miss Beatrix and another that is useful as a guide is from Lisa Jacobs. Healthy Frenchie even makes goals at the beginning of each month! Do check them out.

So as a start I thought I would have a think about my running. Having updated my running totals page recently I realised that I was not far away from running 1000 miles this year. Yep you read that correctly – this year I have clocked up over 1000 miles. Now I am under no illusion that I have run these in a sprightly manner, more that I have crawled, plodded, been blown, moaned, fought and generally forced myself around. Yes there have been runs that have gone far better than expected and some that have been notable due to the weather or some such but a lot of the time I do wonder why I do it!

So Why Do I run?

1. It gives me some me-time. Yes I do get time to do things in the house for me but anyone with young children will know that whenever they are in the house (yes even when they are asleep) you can never really relax. There is always half an ear listening out for them. Running gets me out of the house and away from the responsibility. It also gives my mind time to free wheel.

2. I get the runners high afterwards. No matter how badly the run has gone in my head, I ALWAYS feel better afterwards.

3. I enjoy the challenge of running longish distances.

4. I enjoy running with other people – it is sometimes the only time we get to catch up.

5. I am an obsessive and so need to run because that is who I am (if that makes any sense at all?)

6. It is easy to fit into a day (going to the gym takes far longer).

7. It is good for my children to see me doing something active and for myself.

Some reflections on this year and thoughts on next year:

I daren’t say goals – more considerations really!

1. I am fed up with always making excuses about my time after racing. I do this because a) I don’t train well enough or b) because I over-estimate my goal time.

So this year I am going to try to train properly for the half marathon I have signed up for in March – starting this week. I am going to look out a plan and follow it to the best of my ability – EVERY RUN!

Some of this includes researching food as I need to think about fueling up before a race more.

2. I need to buy new trainers!

3. I need to remember that rest days are training days (thanks to Real Runners @runningquotes for this tip!)

And most importantly I need to remember:

As long as I have done my best I have no reason to be ashamed 🙂 I have my final race of the year tomorrow – a 10K which looks like it will be wet. Then I have a lovely clean slate of the new year and no I am not going to try to beat this years total – honest!

7 thoughts on “Running – This year and next year.

  1. Anna

    Wooow, 1000 miles, that’s amazing! Think we’ve just been reading each others’ posts at the same time! Thank you so much for the mention and here’s to a successful 2013, however we define it 🙂 x

  2. melanie

    Really liked all the quotes esp the one about doubt killing more than failure. Thanks for those. 1000 miles seems rather a lot to me. Good luck for the next 1000 and happy new year. X

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